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Why Hold Your Corporate Event In a Dome

Why Your Next Corporate Event Should be In a Dome


Corporate get-togethers are an important part of every company’s yearly schedule. Whether these are for large scale events designed to impress the public or midsized meetings strictly for internal purposes, the choice of venue can make a real difference.


There are a number of key elements to think about when planning such events, not the least of which is the venue itself. The space where the meeting takes place can have a major effect on its success.


The practice of changing things up often takes place when practices and procedures fail to produce the same degree of effectiveness. When your corporate events become stodgy, overly familiar affairs, changing the style of venue can make a real difference.


So why not your next corporate event in a dome? While noted mostly for their capacity to host sporting events all year-round, the advantages that air-supported domes offer also make them effective meeting spaces.


Sports Dome


The Size


No one likes sitting in a small meeting room for hours on end. Air-supported domes offer climate-controlled comfort in a spacious, inviting environment. All of the necessary audio and visual aids function well here.


Thanks to their size, domes offer many different layout options. Would you like to have your meeting space in the middle of the dome, surrounding by displays or A/V presentations? This is completely possible with ample room still available for people to get around in comfort. You also have a number of options for meal and break areas in a dome.




Many domes are often conveniently located in cities. This means minimal travel time and expense for attendees.


Domes located close to airports and the guests’ hotels are an extra benefit in this regard.


Parking is also rarely an issue at domes and is often included as part of your rental. This means no valet parking or other associated fees for those arriving in vehicles.


Great Ways to Stretch Your Legs


Some meetings take up the better part of a day or even multiple days. It is important to provide ways for attendees to take it easy between speakers.


Depending on how much of the dome is required for your meeting, much of the structure remains available for employees to use during the time between speeches and presentations. That could mean practicing their golf game, playing tennis, or walking/running around a track.


All of this happens under the same roof as the meeting, meaning no time lost or inconvenience created by travel. Most domes are also easily accessible for those with special needs. This allows those with wheelchairs or walkers to easily get around and not have to deal with challenges like stairs.


Weather is Not a Factor


If your meeting includes outdoor events, rain or other inclement weather can severely compromise your plans. Domes can accommodate most any outdoor activities that serve as team-building exercises and do so in a climate-controlled comfort.


Opting for the great indoors also spares participants the rigors of sunburn, insects, and distractions from others not associated with your company.


Additional Savings


Some venues already have their own chairs, tables, and other furniture required for meetings; these are often included in the rental price.


The dome may have an ongoing relationship with a particular food vendor. If their menu meets your requirements, this can lead to appreciable savings and the use of a provider that has earned the venue’s trust and confidence.


Contact your local air-supported domes now and find out which venue will best serve the needs of your company and your employees!

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