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Tennis In A Bubble? A Smashing Success

Tennis In A Bubble? A Smashing Success


Imagine playing tennis without the sun in your eyes, or the court slippery from the morning rain. When you move to return the tennis ball with a swift backhand, you ace it without second guessing your game. Before you know it – game, set, and match! Don’t let the winter stop your game and train year round -- all under a bubble.

Bubble Up

When you have access to tennis in a bubble, it guarantees times of play not always possible with outdoor courts. The weather conditions have no control over your match, and covered facilities are able to get the most out of tennis courts year round. Just like a greenhouse, an air dome over a field or a court can provide a temperature controlled environment that’s protected from wind, rain, or snow.

Tennis Bubble   Tennis Dome

West Vancouver Tennis Club

Located in British Columbia, the West Vancouver Tennis Club holds an annual “Bubble Up” party to celebrate the availability of seasonal tennis courts provided by the presence of a bubble. On Friday, October 16th, 2015, the West Vancouver Tennis Club also celebrated 90 years of tennis in North Shore during their Bubble Up party and wooden racquet tennis social.

The theme was “tennis retro,” and attendants celebrated with a complimentary glass of bubbly. Attendees were encouraged to either bring their own wooden racquets or were provided by the West Vancouver Tennis Club so they could participate in tennis matches held during the party.

This smashing facility provides tennis lessons for all ages and levels year-round. The West Vancouver Tennis Club is a five-court facility, and is a not-for-profit club that operates on leased land from the Municipality of West Vancouver. So if you’re in Vancouver, grab your racquets and head over to the next Bubble Up party!

Toronto Tennis City

The home of the ACE tennis academy and known as the number one school for junior players in Canada, the Toronto Tennis City is another tennis club that celebrates the seasonal inflating of their bubble.

What should you expect during this event? Refreshments and tennis is the name of the game! The event provides the perfect opportunity for members to network and meet coaches to help them get the most out of their club.

Located at Yonge and Davisville, this sports facility is home to top Canadian certified coaches, so you know you’re training with the best! What more could you ask for? How about a full year membership that includes four all season red Italian clay courts found under a bubble? General manager, Michael Zimmerman claims that it’s like you’re playing in the south of France.

During the summer and spring, lowered rates allow you to have access to their five beautiful red clay courts. Toronto Tennis City offers a beautiful clubhouse, a first rate adult program, and service-oriented staff members. The city’s unique tennis destination is the place to go to when training for your next big tournament.

Train with the best and keep the ball in your court.  When the snow starts flying, it may seem like the perfect time to hang up those sneakers and pack away your racquet but if you prioritize playing on high quality outdoor surfaces don’t be so quick to retire for the season. By throwing a bubble over a court, The Farley Group keeps the game going year-round!

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