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Professional Athletes Who Train In Domes

Meet The Professional Athletes and Sports Teams That Train In Air Domes


Air bubble sport facilities are a great option for everybody because of the relative ease of construction and lower costs, but it shouldn’t be surprising that even top tier athletes train under bubbles. After all, air domes create a perfect environment for indoor training. When it comes to training, air domes just make sense.


Over the years, The Farley Group has helped create structures that are not only used by weekend athletes and young future stars, but professional players as well. Here are a few of the professional teams and athletes that train and perfect their skills underneath Farley air domes.


Soccer Dome The Toronto FC


Did you know that Toronto’s Major League Soccer team practices in a bubble? During the winter, the Kia TFC training academy at Downsview Park doesn’t close up and force the players away from home. They bring the indoor facility to the training ground.


The Toronto FC players need somewhere to continue training when the weather starts to get hairy, so a Farley Group dome is inflated over the training field each fall to keep the players warm and dry.


This year the TFC have done particularly well. The team are now preparing for the Eastern Conference final against tTennis Domehe Montreal Impact. Hopefully, all the dome training will pay off and bring the team victory!


Daniel Nestor


The world of tennis is full of super stars but one of Canada’s top tennis talents is Daniel Nestor. We’ve mentioned the Daniel Nestor Tennis Centre before when we wrote about the Davis Cup.


If you’re not familiar with his career, Daniel Nestor has had a long and impressive career. As one of the foremost doubles players in tennis history, the Toronto, Ontario player has 91 men’s doubles titles making him the third most successful doubles champion of all time.


The tennis centre named after Daniel is an air supported bubble covering six HarTru clay courts. The Centre focuses on game development for players of all ages and while Daniel himself trains around the world, he does stop in for visits to play and impart his knowledge to young tennis up and comers.


Chicago Fire Soccer Club


Soccer Dome There must be something to this idea of soccer in domes. Another MLS team to recently adopt an air dome for their training space is the Chicago Fire Soccer Club.


The Chicago Fire Soccer Club, named after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, quickly set the League ablaze with their appearance. In their first season as part of the league, the Fire won the MLS Cup and the US Open Cup.


While the team have faced stiffer challenge as the League grew and matured, the team are continually striving for improvement. One of the strategies for continual improvement is the betterment of the team’s training facility, the PrivateBank Fire Pitch. As of the winter of 2015, the facility includes a 100,000 square foot Farley air dome. 


As you can see, it’s not just youngsters and amateur athletes training in domes, it goes all the way up to the pros! For sports and indoor training facilities, a dome just makes sense, regardless of skill level.

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