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The Hollyburn Country Club Dome

The Hollyburn Country Club Dome


Tennis Dome It’s that time of year again where The Farley Group is run off its feet, busy installing domes for another winter season.


That’s just the way we like it, though. Being so busy, we sometimes forget how amazing air structures really are and what they mean for our clients. Being able to offer outdoor amenities while the weather is nice, but convert them to indoor facilities for the winter months is an unparalleled benefit that sport clubs can attain with an air supported dome.


Despite our hectic schedule, we have a blog to write! So here’s a little write-up about another one of our seasonal domes. This one belongs to Hollyburn Country Club, and this tennis dome matches perfectly to the needs of this premier West Vancouver family activity facility.


The Hollyburn Country Club is made up of an amazing set of facilities, located just outside of downtown Vancouver.


The 42 acres of space actually sits in the mountains in an amazingly scenic natural area. The country club prides itself as “a club for the modern family.” And the services and amenities on offer, perfectly reflect the needs of modern active families.


For those interested in sport, they have facilities for aquatics, curling, figure skating, hockey, karate, and squash to Tennis Bubble name a few. For general fitness, they have everything that you’d expect from a high calibre athletic centre, including personal training and fitness classes. And it’s not only fitness services available—there’s also music programs, dining facilities and a myriad of other services and programs available for their members.


One of the biggest and most influential sports programs at the Hollyburn Country Club is the tennis program. The Club is a recent recipient of Tennis Canada’s Facility of the Year Award, and if you ever stop by to play, you’ll easily see why.


There are a total of 25 courts, some grass and some clay. These courts house recreational as well as competitive play for a wide variety of age and play levels—from beginners, all the way up to nationally and internationally ranked players.


New for this year, a tennis bubble goes up to protect four courts during the winter months. This dome went up for the first time this fall and hopefully it will get plenty of use for those tennis players that won’t let seasonality of sport stop them.


This dome is 205 feet long, 124 feet wide, and 40 feet tall. A leading edge LED lighting system illuminates the dome, while keeping energy consumption low. Another unique thing about this air dome is its colouring. One end of the tennis bubble is green, to help it blend in with the natural environment and increase the esthetic look of the dome. Very cool!


For more information about tennis bubbles, or if you’re looking to install one at your own tennis club, contact us today or keep an eye on our website for all the latest news, info, and tips about air supported structures.

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