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5 Reasons To Play Soccer Indoors

5 Reasons Why You Should be Playing Soccer Indoors


Soccer is the biggest sport in the world and most games take place outdoors, so why would you ever need to move the game inside? Well there are plenty of reasons why players might choose to play indoors, and it’s not just because soccer domes are incredibly cool. Here we give you a rundown of some of the benefits to playing soccer indoors.


Safer Playing Surfaces


Most games of soccer happen in open and unmonitored spaces. This is part of the beauty of the game—it can be played anywhere—but there also is some danger to it. It’s difficult to scour the entire field of play for items like glass, nails, or other sharp knickknacks that may have been left behind.


You never know what dangers could be lurking in an empty field. You even need to keep an eye out for careless dog owners that might leave stinky presents behind!


Indoors turf spaces are easy to sweep for dangerous or unpleasant things you might step on.


Soccer Air Supported Structure

Controlled environment


The most obvious benefit is that an indoor playing surface is protected from the elements! Rain, wind, cold, snow… all of these make no difference if you’re playing inside. You can leave the sunblock at home along with the umbrella, indoor soccer means you’re able to focus on your game and not the weather.




We don’t all play at the same level of Steven Gerrard, Cristiano Ronaldo, or Wayne Rooney, so spectators can sometimes really throw you off of your game! Outdoor soccer tends to happen in high traffic areas meaning anyone might just stop by to cheer or, even worse, jeer at your performance.


With an indoor soccer game, even a public venue will likely have fewer “looky-loos” to distract you and mess up that penalty kick.


No Bugs!


The bane of many non-outdoorsy people are creepy crawlers. No matter where you go outside, you’re likely to find insects somewhere. Did you know that bugs outnumber all the mammals—including humans—by 312 to 1? That’s a lot of arthropods!


Of course, not all of them could detract from a game of soccer, but there is little else more annoying than having to constantly slap your neck or the backs of your thighs because of relentless mosquitoes. Until mosquitoes learn to team up and open doors, you’re safe from their itchy bites when you play soccer indoors.


Less Distractions


Finally, playing indoors can boost your overall skill and ability to play soccer because there are fewer distractions. You won’t be squinting through a setting sun, taking a break when a goose runs across the pitch, or struggling to hear your captain through incessant traffic noise.


Playing indoors lets you focus on what’s happening in the game to help you play your best.


So, you see? Playing soccer indoors has some major benefits to playing outside. Soccer popularity is booming in North America and spaces to play will be quickly overrun. Move your soccer inside an indoor facility like a dome and reap the benefits of playing soccer inside!

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