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What Will Tennis be Like in 100 Years?

What Will Tennis be Like in 100 Years?


Have you ever seen old film reels of sporting events and noticed how much has changed over the past century? Tennis is one of those sports that has evolved a lot over the past few generations to become one of the biggest sports in the world.


The Farley Group does a lot of work with tennis clubs, manufacturing, installing and maintaining permanent or seasonal tennis domes and we see people devote an incredible amount of time and effort into this huge sport. The popularity and growth of tennis spurred the thought, “What is tennis going to look like 100 years from now?”


Tennis Sneakers of the Future


Sneaker technology has come a long way. After all, there is big money in something that everybody wears on a daily basis! Just when you think they can’t add anything else to the simple sneaker, manufacturers figure out a way to take shoes to the next level.


The sneakers of the future could come straight out of science fiction. You may remember a film called “Back to the Future Part II.” Lasting only a few seconds, an iconic scene captured the imaginations of millions of people. The scene had Marty McFly slip on some silver, future-y looking shoes that tightened themselves with the touch of a button. Well Nike has made those shoes a reality. It’s just a matter of time before they reach the tennis court!


Tennis Racquets of the Future


The past 100 years has seen major changes to the tennis racquet. They’ve gone from solid wood, to laminated wood, to steel, to aluminum, and now use carbon fiber composite. The evolution of materials follows a progression of lighter and stronger materials. So, what will racquets look like in 100 years?


It’s hard to say, but they’ll likely integrate some of the materials that are only now being developed. Carbon nanotubes, maybe? This amazing material could potentially have a solid place in the tennis racquet of tomorrow being among the strongest materials every created.


You’ll have to wait a while for a racquet like this, though. So far, we can only create small amounts of carbon nano-materials and they’re incredibly expensive, to produce. Don’t be surprised, though, if you see these materials everywhere once scientists have figured out how to produce them on a large-scale!


Tennis Training Facilities of the Future


Tennis Sports Dome        Tennis Bubble


Although technologies like shoes and racquets have changed a lot over the past century. Tennis courts, and the facilities that house them, might not seem to have changed very much at all.


But just look at the tennis bubbles that The Farley Group has created and you’ll realize how wrong you are. Tennis domes are the training facilities of the future. They create a court that can be both outdoors and indoors, depending on the season, and provide the perfect environment and space needed for optimal training.


Tennis has been around for a long time, but the greatest changes to the sport have only occurred over the past 100 years. What will the future bring for tennis? As much as we can guess, only time will tell. One thing you can be sure of though, is that the Farley Group will be leading the pack for whatever the future brings for tennis domes!

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