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5 Winter Warm-up Tips For Dome Sports

5 Winter Warm-up Tips For Dome Sports


Whenever you are about to start an intense workout or play a sport, you need to warm up your muscles. Getting the blood flowing and loosening your muscles beforehand lowers your risk of injury. Warming up will help reduce bodily limitations that would occur from a cold start.


During the winter, warming up before playing a sport—including if it is inside a dome—is even more important. This is because your muscles will be “colder” than they would be in the summer. This means they will need more time before your circulation and flexibility increase and you can play safely without being at a high risk for injury.


The next time you are going to play a dome sport this winter, be sure to keep these warm-up tips in mind. Your muscles and body will thank you for it!


Light Jog


When you are inside the dome, put your running shoes on and go for a light jog around the field. Do not run as fast as you can, as this may injure your muscles. Start at a brisk walk and work your way up to a light jog. After roughly 15 to 20 minutes, you can start your exercise.


If you are going to play hockey inside the dome, or another sport with ice as the field, you can replace the light jog with a leisurely skate around the rink unless your muscles are limber. Remember to keep it light and do not try to speed skate around the rink.


Jumping Jacks


Some jumping jacks can work in the same way as a light jog to warm up your muscles before engaging in a dome sport during the winter months. Start slow and gradually increase your speed and intensity. This is great if you have to wait to use the full field inside the dome, since you stay in one place while performing jumping jacks.


Basic Yoga and Stretching


Stretching your muscles is another great way to warm them up before engaging in intense dome sports. Try some basic yoga poses, such as Warrior 1, Runner’s Pose, Tree, Warrior 2, and Triangle. If you know how to smoothly transition between poses, do so, as this will increase the effectiveness of the yoga.


As an alternative to yoga, you can also do some basic stretches to make your muscles limber and ready for your chosen dome sport. You can try a modified split where you sit on the ground with your legs spread out and lean either to one side or down the middle. You can also try a standing side stretch.


Try stretching or doing yoga for approximately 15 to 20 minutes before beginning your sport.


High Knees

Start on one side of the field and jog to the other side, but make sure you bring your knees up high each time your foot leaves the surface of the field. Imagine those sport drills where the players use tires and lift their legs high and put one foot in the centre of the tire. If you have tires available, feel free to add this to your high knees warm-up. If not, just imagine they are there.


Trial Run of Dome Sport


Depending on the dome sport you chose, you might be able to warm up your muscles by going through a light trial run of the sport. For instance, a light skate and practice shots would work for hockey. A light jog while softly kicking a soccer ball would work as well. A toned-down version of the sport itself can help you out here. Just remember to work up to the sport’s full intensity.

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