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5 Commitments Every Great Athlete Makes


No athlete can be the best unless they have a solid plan, and put that plan into action. After all, you need to be in peak condition to perform well, regardless of the specific sport. So what commitments does every great athlete make? Well, there are five core commitments—drop one and be ready for your performance to drop as well.


Healthy Diet


Eating fast food, chips, candy, and other junk foods might taste good at first, but it does no favours to your body. This is why great athletes make the commitment to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. This includes lots of leafy greens, protein, and whole grains.

If you want to make the same kind of commitment, but don’t know where to start, we highly recommend consulting a registered dietician or nutritionist. In fact, most professional athletes consult one on a regular basis to ensure their diet stays on the right track for all their health and fitness needs.


Regular Exercise


Beyond practicing the sport itself, all great athletes make sure they exercise on a regular basis to build muscle as well as maintain their general fitness level. This often means regular jogs, lifting weights, cardio exercises, and other physical activities. This ensures they can maintain their fitness in a variety of ways, which is essential to ensure certain muscles are not overworked.

In addition, regular exercise is often the best way for an athlete to stay in shape if they engage in a team sport like hockey or soccer, both of which need other people to practice specific skills.


Practice Year Round


Speaking of practicing their chosen sport, great athletes always make the commitment to practice their sport year-round. But what if they weather is not cooperating? What happens if the soccer field is covered in snow or the swimming pool needs to close? What about muddy tennis courts?

Turning an outdoor sports field into an indoor facility is possible with an air dome.  Domes create the perfect space to practice soccer throughout the winter on a field, safe from the snow. The rain cannot make the tennis courts muddy if the dome protects them.


Proper Recovery and Rest


Of course, even great athletes cannot exercise and practice all the time without the risk of injuring themselves. Though they may be able to do more than the average individual, even an athlete can overwork their body and put it at risk for pulled muscles, shin splints, sprained joints, or worse. Thus, great athletes should commit to proper recovery and rest.


What does this mean? Rest may shift depending on the person, but it means taking a break during the workout (including drinking lots of water), and taking a day off from exercise completely every so often. This is a significant help to preventing injuries.


Proper recovery also means that, in the event an injury does occur, the athlete takes the time necessary for the injury to heal completely before diving back in. After diving back in, of course, it means taking things slower and then ramping back up to prevent the injury from coming around again so soon.


Consult Health Professionals


Whether it’s for dietary needs, general health, a sports injury specialist, or anything else health or medical related, great athletes know the benefit of consulting health and medical professionals to help make sure they have the right resources so their bodies remain fit and healthy. This all leads to top performance when they play their sport.

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