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What We're Thankful For This Thanksgiving

5 Things We're Thankful For This Thanksgiving!


Although we are a proudly Canadian company, a good amount of The Farley Group family happens to be below the border. This weekend is Thanksgiving for our southern neighbours, so this air dome company is taking a moment to wish them a happy thanksgiving.


For this blog entry, we’re taking a few minutes to list five things that we’re thankful for as we enter the tail end of 2016.


1. Thanksgiving Traditions


First up, we’re thankful for all the amazingness that comes with the holiday. Thanksgiving is a celebration steeped in tradition—turkey dinners, family gatherings, black Friday sales, and Thanksgiving Sunday football. We spend more time talking about European football on this blog, but given the circumstances, it makes perfect sense to talk a bit about American football.


Sure, during the season there are football games to watch every Sunday, but there is something special about spending an afternoon on the couch, surrounded by family. Football is just that much better when enjoyed with a belly full of thanksgiving dinner. Football also just happens to be one of our favourite sports to play in a bubble!


2. Air Supported Structures


Of course, we’re thankful for air domes. Without the amazing technology that creates breathtaking indoor sport facilities, we wouldn’t get the opportunity to bring our unique solutions to sports teams and communities in need.


Thanks to ingenious inventors and engineers that came up with the ideas, and our own founder Ralph Farley that helped bring bubbles to millions, air supported structures are now the ideal facilities for projects like indoor soccer and multi-sport facilities.


3. Growth of Indoor Sports


Our growth is most likely tied to the growth of indoor sports. Indoor tennis, indoor soccer, indoor golf… as interest in sport grows, so does the desire to play in the offseason and in places where the outdoor weather isn’t conducive for sports.


Indoor sports, and the domes in which they’re played, bring the best of both worlds. All the fun of sport with none of the hassle of worrying about the weather.


4. Our Amazing Team


Any success we experienced throughout 2016 is a direct result of a committed Farley Group team. Without all of our talented individuals, we wouldn’t be able to offer all that we do for our clients and customers.


From our design, sales, support, manufacturing, installation, and service teams, each bubble is the product of everyone giving 110%. At The Farley Group it’s all for one and one for all and we cannot express enough thanks to everyone here.


5. All our customers and clients


Finally, we’re infinitely grateful for the groups, companies, teams, and organizations that have welcomed us over this past year. This year we’ve been able to meet and catch up with some amazing people all across the country.


We’re thankful we were able to help out and provide the solutions to all of their problems. From all of us at the Farley Group, we wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and we look forward to another year of keeping “you covered!”

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