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Tennis Mini-games For Indoor Tennis

Tennis Mini-games For Indoor Tennis


One of the wonderful things about sports is all of the variations it is possible to create. A while back, we looked at 5 Soccer Mini-games For Indoor Soccer and introduced you to amusingly unusual variants like Freeze Tag Soccer, Soccer Blob, and Death Square.


For all its merits as a key exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, tennis seems pretty straightforward. Two or four players hit the ball back and forth, trying to keep it inside the lines. Simple, right? However, the following tennis mini-games demonstrate that even the most basic sports can spawn some fun variations.

Serve Box Drill


Do you have trouble controlling your shots? Do they overshoot where you aim and end up out of bounds? This simple, but valuable game helps you gain better control of both your aim and the amount of power you put into a swing.


Four players stand just behind the service line on the court. You cannot move back from this area, but you can approach the net. Players must aim their shots so that they land inside one of the opponent’s service boxes. This provides a good workout and warms up your joints for an actual conventional game.


Mini Court Serve and Volley


Here is another game to play on the “mini court.” Two players on opposite sides of the net observe the same boundaries as above and see how long they can carry on a volley before the ball lands outside the mini court lines.


This is a great way to improve your net game and you will also be better able to aim soft/short shots where needed.


Bounce Mini Tennis


It is fine for a ball to hit the ground before a return in tennis, but this game requires players to bounce the ball off their own side of the court and over the net to the opponent! The same mini court boundaries apply. Watch two masters in action.


Sharks and Fishes


Trying to interest your kids in playing tennis? That can be a little difficult, so it never hurts to add some elements that will appeal to them. Created by Rob Cherry Tennis, this game requires one child to be the shark, while the rest (usually at least a half dozen kids) are the fishes.


The children position themselves at various points on one side of the court. On the word “Go!,” the shark runs around after the other kids, who must stay inside the court boundaries. Fishes caught by the shark are out and must go into the “shark tank.” This variation on “You’re It!” teaches children how to make the sort of fast, decisive movements one requires in tennis.


Potato Race


Another one for the youngsters. Have 3-4 children stand behind the service line with three tennis balls per child placed just in front of the net. Each participant runs to the net, grabs one ball, and then runs behind the service line and hits the ball over the net. They then run back to the base line and repeat the exercise. First person to successfully hit all three balls over the net and make it back to the base line wins.


Interested in trying your hand at any of these? Or maybe you are a traditionalist and just prefer a round of plain, old-fashioned tennis? Air-supported domes from the Farley Group make it possible to enjoy your favorite sports all year-round. Contact your local dome to see what activities you can enjoy in the comfort of the great indoors!

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