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Top 5 Indoor Sports in the U.S.

Top 5 Indoor Sports in the U.S.


Indoor sports are growing in popularity across the United States as people still want to play their favorite sports when the weather is bad outside, during the colder months, or simply as an alternative to their regular routine.


If you are looking to get into indoor sports, check out this list of five of the top indoor sports in the US. Some of these sports are even played indoors more often than they are outdoors. Who knows, your favorite sport may even be on this list!


Indoor Basketball


Across the US, basketball is the most popular indoor sport. Basketball is played across the country at all levels and you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone that doesn’t enjoy shooting a few hoops.


As this shooting and dribbling game is primarily indoors, an air-supported structure is a perfect option to ensure you can play basketball anywhere. You can even convert outdoor courts to indoors, so no one is stuck without basketball when the outdoor season is over.


Indoor Soccer


The FIFA World Cup is one of the most popular televised sporting events around the world, and has contributed in great measure to soccer’s rising popularity in the United States. In addition, many children and young adults are joining youth soccer leagues, most commonly through their school.


In 2015, there were about 15 million soccer players in the United States. While some of America is the ideal climate for year-round outdoor soccer, much of the northern part of the country can only play outdoors for half of the year. For these areas, the ability to play soccer indoors is growing in demand.


There is even an organization dedicated to indoor soccer in the United States: The United States Indoor Soccer Association!


Track and Field


Track and field is a combination of activities expected to be outdoors only. Running, jumping, throwing...all things you would think need more room than you’d find indoors.


Competitors are often running around a track, hurdling over obstacles, jumping over bars, or throwing things as far as they can. This is a huge set of sports that are practiced all around the country, indoors and out. The end goal for most training athletes are the Olympics—no wonder they try to get as much training throughout the year as possible.


For track and field sports to move indoors, you need large venues with lots of space. Many multisport air domes are created with this sport in mind.




Despite hockey not being a sport you’d typically see in a dome, it is a relatively popular sport in the US that is played indoors. Canada is usually the country that the world associates with the sport, but there are many American hockey fans and players across the United States—mostly in the northern states.


Hockey is a sport for which the conditions need to be carefully controlled—it is played on ice, after all. Because so much infrastructure is needed to create an ideal playing surface, arenas tend to be pretty complicated in terms of construction and planning. Because of this, you won’t see many air dome arenas—although it likely can be done!


Indoor Tennis


We’ve talked a lot about tennis in this blog, and for good reason! It’s a perfect sport for playing indoors when the outside weather isn’t cooperating. That’s why we create so many tennis bubbles!


Tennis has been growing in popularity across the US recently. Technologies such as easy to create indoor facilities like tennis bubbles are making the sport more accessible to kids and new entrants to the sport.


Americans have always loved sports, but because of the long winters in some parts of the country, many sports need to be put on hold for much of the year. By moving sports indoors, the game can keep on going!

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