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Dome Sport Spotlight: Rock-Climbing

Dome Sport Spotlight: Rock-Climbing

Multi-sport domes are ideal for field sports, but what about contained, skill-based activities like rock climbing? With high ceilings and loads of space, you might think a dome is perfect for indoor climbing, and you’d be right! Not too many have used domes for this purpose but climbing walls are a perfect sport to make use of an air dome.
The sport of rock climbing is reaching new heights as health-conscious weekend warriors are turning to climbing as a fun and exciting exercise and hobby. A few ropes, a sturdy harness, and some well-fitting climbing shoes are all you really need to tackle a climbing wall—and don’t forget to leave the fear of heights at home.

Traditionally, climbers would climb on actual rocks and mountains outdoors. For convenience sake though, the sport has migrated indoors as well and it’s relatively easy to find an indoor climbing gym anywhere in the country. Finding space to build climbing gyms is a challenge though, because of the unique requirements of the space.
A decent rock-climbing wall needs to be at least 20 feet tall and, as many climbers would agree, the taller the better. This is why an air dome is a perfect place to have a climbing wall. The height and open space of a dome can easily house a climbing wall that would make even the most seasoned of climbers’ weak in the knees. Sport domes are fully customizable so there are no worries of bumping your head to the ceiling.

Multi-Sport Domes

Although there aren’t any domes that are fully committed to only climbing walls, there are multi-sport domes that do make use of the unique space of a dome for many different activities and sports, including climbing. For example, (check out the Blue Water Sports & Entertainment Dome) in Fort Gratiot, Michigan. This dome houses sports such as soccer, roller skating, batting cages, and a driving range.

The climbing wall in the Blue Water Dome is better suited for a recreational climb, but the wall proves how well a climbing system could work inside a dome. It doesn’t even need to be a permanent dome.

Seasonal Dome Coverings

The Farley Group provides seasonal setup and removal of sport bubbles for many sports fields and tennis courts, and the same principle could be applied to one of the many outdoor climbing parks that need to be abandoned during the winter months. Take the (Marymoor Park Outdoor Sport Crag). This outdoor climbing rock in Redmond, Washington has dozens of climbing routes, but activity on the rock drops in the cold winter months. Imagine if you could throw a dome over a facility like this, you could climb year-round and never need to come back down!

Combining rock climbing and multi-sport domes seems to be a no-brainer, so it wouldn’t be surprising if more sport domes started integrating climbing walls into their facilities’ offerings. Fun for the whole family, the sport of climbing is here to stay. Whether you’re looking to build a facility from scratch or throw an bubble over an existing climbing structure, a custom designed air structure could be exactly what you need.

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