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Why Domes Rule For Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee in a Dome? Why Air Structures are the Ultimate Spot


Did you know that the Frisbee originated when a group of children turned a pie tin upside down to toss around their schoolyard? The Frisbie Pie Company (established in 1871) inadvertently spawned what would become one of the most common past-times for college students on campus. Their pie tins, when thrown upside down and spun with a flick of the wrist just right, would glide pleasantly in a slow and predictable way. Few toys are as appealing to both children and adults as the Frisbee—purposefully renamed to avoid trademark infringement. It is the perfect toy for a lazy, relaxing time killer.


Ultimate Frisbee kicks it up a notch.


The sport of Ultimate Frisbee—or simply Ultimate—has evolved over the years but it combines elements from several sports including football, soccer, and basketball. The rules are relatively simple—a team scores a point when they catch the disc in the opponent’s end zone.


Players are free to run about the rectangular field, but passing the disc is the only way to move it about the play area and toward the opponent’s end. A player cannot take any steps while in possession of the disc.


The sport is non-contact and possession changes if a pass is dropped, intercepted, or thrown out of bounds.

Ultimate is fast-paced, easy to learn, and most of all, fun! The only things a group of people need to get started is a flying disc, a few markers, and a wide-open space. The first two are easy to find, but space—especially within a city—can be hard to come by. Outdoor spaces like parks can become crowded or leave you at the mercy of the weather.


So where’s the best place to enjoy a game of Ultimate? An air structure, of course!


Inflatable bubble structures provide the perfect space for throwing a flying disc. Since a dome is held up by air, there aren’t any beams or posts to get in the way of the discs trajectory. Not to mention, being inside means there are no gusts of wind or distracting sun to keep your throws off-target.


Several of The Farley Group’s air supported multi-sport domes are home to leagues and teams for Ultimate, as well as other flying disc sports. Monarch Park Stadium is a premier multi-sport facility that supports full-field Ultimate Frisbee. This dome is a perfect place for outdoor sports that need to move inside during Canada's harsh winters. Soccer, baseball, football, lacrosse… you name it, Monarch Park Stadium has the space to do it.


Frisbee Dome                Ultimate Frisbee Air Structure


In truth, any sports dome set up for field sports can quickly become the perfect place to start up a game of Ultimate or any other flying disc game. Many domes are used for flying disc sports like disc golf, freestyle competition, or dodge disc.


Ultimate Frisbee and other flying disc games are fun and accessible sports for all. How many have never thrown a Frisbee? It might be difficult to find anyone in North America that has never had the joy of tossing a Frisbee around. The fact that the National Toy Hall of Fame inducted the Frisbee in 1998 is a testament to its universal appeal. Grab some friends for a game or keep an eye out for Ultimate teams and leagues near you—it’s worth giving this sport a whirl!


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