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5 Reasons To Play Paintball in a Dome

5 Reasons To Play Paintball in Air Domes


If you’ve ever played paintball indoors, you’re more than aware that indoor paintball can be hit and miss. Compared to outdoors, you are much more limited by the amount of space. The best indoor paint facilities are in places like hangars, or warehouses. Any place where you have the room to actually run and hide.


But have you ever thought about paintball in an air dome? When you think about it, an air structure is actually the perfect place for indoor paintball. Here are a few reasons why.


Customizable Terrain


When you play paintball outdoors you are limited to playing in whatever terrain is there, without being able to add a ton of variety to your games. If you play on a frequent basis, you and your friends may come to know the playing area so well that the games lack the element of surprise or unknown hiding places.


This is actually not the case if you play paintball in air domes. Someone has to construct the indoor playing field, meaning they can change the position of the rocks, small cover buildings, fake trees, et cetera. This customizable terrain adds a decent variety to your paintball games.


No Weather Concerns


Have your paintball games outside ever been cancelled because of a thunderstorm or other extreme weather conditions? Playing paintball inside air domes greatly reduces, and may even eliminate, the chance your paintball games will be cancelled because of the weather. Just suit up as you normally would and enter the dome prepared to shoot paint everywhere!


Paintball All Year


Like other sports, playing paintball in an air dome means you and your friends have the ability to engage in the fun of paintball throughout the entire year. You are not limited to one season, which can happen when you play paintball outdoors.


Control Over Timing


Sometimes when you are playing outside, you are at the mercy of nature’s timing, or even time itself (e.g. when it gets dark outside). Playing paintball in air domes, however, helps give you more control over the timing of your games. For instance, you can limit the game to a certain period, which comes in handy if you and your friends have other obligations.


You can also play past the time the sun goes down, since you have the ability to light up the dome so everyone can still maintain good visibility.


Creature Comforts


Do you ever just want a drink or a small snack before or after you play paintball? Do you wish there were other facilities, such as changing rooms or good bathrooms? Playing indoor paintball lets you and your friends enjoy these creature comforts much easier than if you were all playing in the great outdoors. Depending on the rules you set for your game, you may even be able to take a break if the game is going long to grab a drink of water or eat a granola bar.


Ready to play some paintball in an air dome?

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