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The Opening of the Markham Sports Dome

The Opening of the Markham Sports Dome


If you’ve driven by Markham’s Father Michael McGivney Catholic Academy in the recent past, it’s likely you’ve noticed that large, new dome sitting just behind the school.


What is that bubble, you ask? Well, it’s the result of our latest dome project. On Saturday October 3rd, The Farley Groups’ latest build—the Markham Sports Dome—had its much-anticipated grand opening. It’s impossible to withhold our excitement!


We’re proud to provide indoor multisport domes to cities, towns, schools, and other worthy locations. There is no doubt that these facilities help strengthen communities, and Farley is happy to be a part of this latest development.

In case you’re curious, here are some details on the Markham Sports Dome, and what it can provide for you, the students, and the surrounding Markham community.

About the Dome


The dome, which is an air-supported structure, is an incredible 70,000 square feet. It has an infill turf surface, ready for an immense variety of indoor sports. The multisport dome was brought to the table by First Service Tennis Management, a group who specialize in sports facilities. (They envisioned the project as a benefit to the entire Markham community).


The structure is located right on the high school’s property, giving the students of Father Michael McGivney a momentous amount of access to indoor athletic activities.


A specific plan has been set in place to ensure a great amount of student access. Students are guaranteed access to the dome after school from 3-6 p.m. Tuesdays through Thursdays to hold sporting events related to the York Region Athletic Association calendar.

Sports Dome
Can I use it?


Of course you can! The high school students have a set-time with the dome—however, after their fun, it’s completely open to public bookings. However, you should act fast. Bookings of the sports dome are filling up quickly as the colder weather puts a damper on the outside sport season.


The dome is set up for a multitude of sports including baseball, cricket, soccer, field lacrosse, ultimate Frisbee, and touch football. There is also an option to book the dome for social events, like birthday parties.


And if you don’t have a full team with which to sign-up with, not a problem! The Markham Sports Dome will be happy to assist you in finding a spot on their house team. How great is that?

Soccer Dome
Benefits to the Markham Community


Farley is always enthusiastic about building these types of dome structures simply because they create organic means of bringing communities together.

Those passionate about sports can meet under the air structure to do one of the activities that they love most. Those in the Markham community can now stay active with ease year-round, and even make long-lasting friendships though the bonding that participation in sport delivers.


Not only this, but the multisport dome will provide many opportunities that students of Father Michael McGivney may not have had previously. Our hope is that these kids will enjoy being active year round, while participating in sports they love. This is priceless.


Now that you know what that huge structure is, consider checking it out the next time you’re travelling past! We’re proud of this sports bubble and all that it will bring to the community. (The Markham Sports Dome)  is located at 5400 14th Avenue, the Northeast corner of McCowan and 14th Avenue, in Markham, Ontario. We hope to see you there!

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