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Five Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing

Five Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing


Golf DomeThere are certain fundamentals to master when it comes to any sport. Hockey players want strong ankles, baseball players require a strong throwing arm, and football players need speed.


When it comes to golf, you really must aim for a perfect swing. That’s what gets your ball down the fairway and on to the green with as much accuracy (and as few strokes) as possible. Achieving that great swing comes easily to some, but can take years of practice for others.


Here are some tips for those hoping to improve their game by correcting problems with that all-important swinging technique:


      1. Get a Grip


Something as simple as how you hold your club can make a real difference. It is imperative to get the clubface square before your drive. Securely grasp the club in your fingers and then wrap your palms around them.


With the correct grip, you maintain proper control of the golf club, which is extremely important if you want to improve your golf swing. Maintaining the square angle as you hit the ball gives you a much greater chance of having an accurate shot.


      2. Maintain Proper Balance


Your swing needs to be a fluid movement and that won’t happen without proper balance. Try this exercise: using a foam roller to practice balance. Once you can perform a steady swing while standing on one of these, the solid ground should be no problem at all.


      3. Pretend you are in a Slow Motion Replay


Slowing things down is an effective way to analyze the mechanics of your golf swing. You may feel silly while doing it, but practice doing your swing as slowly as you can. Have a golfing partner closely watch your mechanics. They will be able to give you pointers on things such as balance and your swing plane.


If you need work with the latter, proceed to tip #4:


      4. Practice with a Swing Plane


Make sure not to let the shaft of your club get too far behind the hands before it raises up. If that happens, you will instinctively try to correct the swing to ensure contact with the ball. If your swing is too much under or over, you will not make proper contact, lessening the distance the ball will travel.


Insert a stick diagonally into the ground to your right (or left, depending on handedness). This creates a “swing plane” which allows you to know exactly how far back you should go for the proper backswing position.  With practice, you will intuitively know where the backswing movement should stop.


      5. Take Your Game Inside


Practice is everything when it comes to acquiring a new skill, but this can be difficult if you are at the mercy of the elements. No one likes golfing in the rain and potential lightning strikes are a dangerous proposition. There is also the question of winter, which makes it either uncomfortable or downright impossible to hit the links for months at a time.

None of this matters when you practice inside an air-supported dome. Want to spend your Christmas holidays practicing, but can’t afford a trip to Florida? No problem—simply head over to your nearest golf bubble and take all of the practice time you need to improve your golf swing in climate-controlled comfort!




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