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Summer Sport Safety Tips

Summer Sport Safety Tips


Now that seasonal domes are put away for the summer, everyone could use a reminder on how to stay safe while playing sports. While the nice weather is a strong motivator to play outside, more people outside playing sports also increases the potential for injuries and other accidents.


To make sure you play summer sports safely, here are some simple, but effective, summer sport safety tips to integrate into your regular routine.


Wear Recommended Attire


Many sports have safety gear or, at the very least, recommended clothing to ensure you are comfortable as well as safe during your activity. For instance, many will recommend wearing knee pads for summer sports like beach volleyball. You would also want to wear loose fitting, breathable clothing (e.g., shorts and a t-shirt) during the summer for sports, so you do not overheat and have the room to move.


Another popular summer sport is biking, and regardless of how good you happen to be at it, you should always wear a helmet while riding. This will protect you in case something happens! It is always better to act with safety in mind, rather than risk preventable injuries.


Be Aware of Your Surroundings


Whenever you play summer sports, make sure to keep an eye out for the people around you. Not paying attention to your surroundings can not only result in injuries for others, but also for yourself.


In addition to this, if you have children, it is important for you to keep an eye out for them so they don’t toddle into an area they should stay out of. While older children can keep watch on their own surroundings, younger children generally need parental assistance. Regardless of the situation, though, another set of eyes never hurt.


Remember To Warm Up


While warming up is a common exercise tip, many people forget they should also warm up before summer sports like volleyballs games, rounds on a tennis court, or soccer matches. You can just as easily overexert yourself if you forget to warm up first, which can lead to pulled muscles, twisted ankles, strains, and other injuries. Thus, take time to stretch your muscles and lightly jog on the spot before you begin playing a summer sport.


Stay Hydrated


If you are playing summer sports in the heat and sun, you need to pay particular attention to how much water you are drinking. As you play, your body will work up a sweat, and you will need to drink more water to replace what you are losing. Try bringing a water bottle with you so you can refill it as necessary. If you are going to be playing summer sports regularly and for extended periods, you may also wish to consider drinks with added electrolytes. Just pay attention to the sugar content on sports drinks, and intersperse them with water.


Apply Sunscreen


If you are playing summer sports outside, never forget to apply sunscreen. The immediate concern is, of course, getting a sunburn, but by not wearing sunscreen you are opening yourself for potentially serious and lasting effects.


Pick a sunscreen appropriate for you. Pay attention to the SPF value and aim for at least 30. Go higher if you find you burn quite easily. You should also reapply throughout the day, particularly after swimming, even if it says it is waterproof.


Of course, if the sun is too strong or there are other dangers that make an area unsuitable for outdoor play, you can always move that game into a dome. Domes make great indoor sport venues, even in the summer!

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