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Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports Dome

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A Story of Success


Bo Jackson’s career was multifaceted. Not only did he play in both the NFL and MLB, but did so in record-setting fashion. In fact, he remains the only athlete to be named an All-Star in two American sports leagues. It is for this reason, and others, that ESPN named Jackson the Greatest Athlete of All Time in March of this year.


Following in Jackson’s footsteps, the sports dome that continues his legacy is equally versatile. Located in Lockport, Illinois, Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports Dome is renowned as one of the leading indoor training facilities in the United States. The air supported dome offers 88,000 square feet of training space, including 65 foot high ceilings. This one-of-a-kind facility allows athletes of all stripes to hone their skills.

Baseball Dome


The dome was first inflated in 2008 and its impressive size houses 12 batting cages, six pitching mound bullpens, a weight-lifting facility, two adjustable infields, a large multipurpose field, and more.


Home to Cangelosi Baseball, Bo Jackson’s Football, and Bo Jackson’s Sports Leadership Centers of America, Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports Dome offers an exceptional model for player development. A number of turf sport teams make use of the dome, including baseball, softball, football, soccer, and lacrosse teams. Even individual athletes, regardless of their sport, are encouraged to use Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports Dome to improve overall athleticism and develop leadership skills.


But close to the heart of this facility is the impact it can have on children. An article in from the Norwest Indiana publication, The Times Media Company captures this sentiment perfectly. In the article, the author describes the wonder of an 11-year old baseball player as he bounces against the fabric wall of the dome.


A Noble Cause

But why is this facility here and what necessitated its construction? The driving force behind the facility is to give opportunity. Prior to the dome, the local athletes were at a disadvantage because of the seasonality of outdoor sports. Baseball players that might have otherwise gone on to college and then successful careers in sport were limited and ultimately passed over. By allowing athletes in colder climates to train year-round, the Bo Jackson Elite Sports Dome brings its athletes back on equal footing with players that are able to practice during the winter months.


A Facility that Fosters Greatness

In areas where weather can be harsh for much of the year, the economics of sports training facilities are paramount. Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports facility is dedicated to giving everything needed to pave one’s own unique path to carving the complete athlete from the inside out. Rooted in the belief that developing athletes need to be Bigger, Stronger, and Faster gives them a competitive edge, this powerful dome space is designed to enhance and increase strength, speed, and power for athletes of all levels.


Farley is proud to have been a member of bringing this facility to life, and remain proud of the standards and practices of this high-level sports facility.

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