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New Soccer Toys To Ask For This Season

New Soccer Toys To Ask For This Season


Do you love soccer or do you know someone who loves soccer? If this is the case, why not put some soccer-related toys and other items on your wish list this holiday season? You can use the gifts to play with loved ones, train to improve your own skills, and simply see smiles all around this season.


Below is a list detailing some of the ideas for soccer toys and related items you can ask for this season:


SKLZ Star Kick Solo Soccer Trainer


Sometimes when you want to practice your skills, you may not have a game or a soccer practice coming up. So what are you to do? With a toy such as the SKLZ Star Kick Solo Soccer Trainer, there is still a way to keep your skills up.


All you need is to add your own soccer ball and you are good to go! This toy helps you practice your kicks and endurance, while ensuring you do not lose your soccer ball.


Sports Bag or Backpack


If you love soccer, you will have soccer cleats, perhaps your own soccer ball, and lots of other gear to help you be prepared for soccer practice and your games. But is there somewhere to put it all when you have to carry it around with you? There are many soccer bags and backpacks out there to choose from. If you are certain of your tastes or needs, you can do the research beforehand. If not, you may also leave it in the hands of the potential gift-giver.


Though bags and backpacks are not toys, they will still fuel your passion for soccer and make everything easier for you.


Quick Set up Soccer Net


What happens if you want to play a game of soccer in your backyard, but do not have the same soccer nets as the regular fields? While you may not be able to get the full-size official nets, putting a quick set-up soccer net, like this one, on your wish list can still do the trick. The set-up is a snap and provides an excellent way to practice your goal-scoring abilities.


Soccer Training Ball


Of course, no list of soccer toys to add to your holiday wish list would be complete without soccer balls. You can, of course, ask for the same kind of soccer ball you would normally use in a game or practice. However, consider a training ball that will boost your practice drill up another level. While they are likely to come in the standard soccer ball size, many of the training balls can transition to different surfaces (indoors and outdoors) providing a wider range of opportunities for practice.


Soccer Set For Young Ones


Does your young one show any interest in soccer? Perhaps a soccer set designed for them would make a nice addition to the presents they receive over the holiday season or on their birthday? Many soccer sets for young children, such as this one from Little Tikes, offer an adjustable net as well as a soccer ball.  Your young one can now run around kicking the ball and attempt to score in a small net of his or her own!


Soccer Equipment


Do you need new cleats? What about shin pads? Maybe the soccer ball you use for practicing is worn out. Despite the fact that these are not toys, if you love soccer, they are essential for keeping your skills at a high level. Don’t be afraid to ask your loved ones for these basic but essential gifts over the holiday season!

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