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Richmond Hill Sports Dome

Richmond Hill Sports Dome


Soccer Dome Next up in our ongoing series of recently completed dome projects is the Richmond Green Sports Centre’s Sports Dome. If you’re native to Richmond Hill or are familiar with the area, you might have already noticed the giant bubble addition to the park during the winter months. This bubble is another seasonal Farley dome that we’ve added to our growing family.

Located at 1300 Elgin Mills Road East—just off highway 404 and past the Costco—Richmond Green is the largest park in Richmond Hill and is the place to be for the town’s sports enthusiasts. Baseball, basketball, soccer—the park has facilities for them all, which means the summers are always busy. Richmond Green also has amenities to keep a younger demographic busy with a top-tier skate park and a waterplay park.

Each winter, though, outdoor field sports take a break and much of the space is unused. This is a let-down for soccer players in the area.

While the park is still open and some attractions are converted for winter use (there’s an inline skating trail that’s transformed into an outdoor, artificial ice surface!), sports like soccer take a break. Soccer enthusiasts from Richmond Hill would need to find an indoor space to continue playing, but that was another issue. Richmond Hill was lacking in indoor spaces for soccer.

According to the Richmond Hill Soccer Club, growing demand for indoor soccer spaces meant a new indoor facility was sorely needed.

To that end, the town of Richmond Hill approached The Farley Group. They needed a facility that could be setup over the Richmond East artificial turf field. The facility would need to go up in the fall to keep the field usable over the winter months, then taken back down in the spring. An air-supported structure was the solution.

Work began quickly and by the fall of 2015, the dome was inflated for the first time—just in time for the 2015-2016 indoor soccer season.

This dome has a footprint of 375’ by 250’ and stretches 75’ tall—there’s nearly 94,000 square feet of space. The dome attaches to a permanent 500 square foot structure that houses washrooms, an office, and a mechanical room. 

Soccer Dome       Soccer Bubble


This past season, the dome housed football, frisbee, lacrosse, soccer, and speedminton for kids and adults of all ages. They even had soccer drop in sessions—players bring their own ball, form teams, and have impromptu games.

The facility is even rentable by the hour for whatever sports you want to play—perfect for anyone that’s sick of being cooped up for the winter.

The Farley Group is proud of this project for the hard work that was put into it’s construction and what the dome itself means for the community. The soccer dome gives everyone the opportunity to keep active with their favourite sport for the entire year.

The dome will operate every year during the indoor soccer season—October to April. Book a time, sign up for a program, or drop in for a pick-up game of soccer at the Richmond Green Sports Dome!

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