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Air Supported Structures: Made in Canada

Air Supported Structures: Made in Canada


Canadians love sports, but Canada’s weather doesn’t always provide the best conditions for outdoor play. It’s no wonder, therefore, that Canada has a huge demand for sport domes!


Canada is a land of wide-open space, extreme weather, and die-hard sports enthusiasts. Because of Canada’s seasonality—long, cold winters and hot, sunny summers—we’re used to switching sports throughout the year. In the summer, soccer, baseball, and football teams are wildly popular, and in the winter, sports like hockey, skiing, and skating are all the rage. It’s no surprise that some of the best athletes in the world come from Canada!


Basketball player Steve Nash is proud of his Canadian upbringing and credits much of his success in the NBA to the myriad of sports he played as while growing up. He had a relatively long career, first playing for the Phoenix Suns, then the Dallas Mavericks, back to the Suns, then finishing out with the L.A. Lakers. Throughout his career, he was an eight-time NBA All-Star and he was named the NBA Most Valuable Player two times while playing for the Phoenix Suns.


But growing up and training in Canada meant he was always playing a different sport, based on the weather. When it was cold, he’d play hockey. When it was warm out, he’d be playing soccer, lacrosse or skateboarding. He even credits playing other sports, like soccer, for his overall athleticism that helped him dominate on the basketball court.


So, while Canada’s weather has unique difficulties for individual sports, Canadians are up to the challenge. Soccer in particular has skyrocketed in popularity, partly due to the fact that Canada is one of the most multicultural countries there is, with residents having immigrated from  all over the world.


Sports Dome     Sports bubble


According to Statistics Canada, soccer is the number one sport with kids in Canada. Nearly 20% of all youths across the country regularly hit the soccer pitch and it’s a hit with both girls and boys. With stats like this, soon Canada may be making a bigger splash in the FIFA standings!


Canada has always been a sporty country, and the country’s commitment to athletics makes us, at The Farley Group, proud Canadians. Ralph Farley made Canada his home in the ‘70s and knew that Canada was ready for air domes. Canadians wanted to play year round the only thing holding them back was the weather.


Canada is a huge country, and the weather varies drastically. Southern parts of the country will have long hot summers and the further north you go, the colder it gets. Most of Canada isn’t immune to cold snowy winters though. It’s this drastically shifting environment that makes air supported structures the ideal for sport playing Canadians!


We never forget our friends south of the border, though. The majority of our air domes are peppered across the United States and if they can survive the worst weather Canada has to throw, they’re more than up to the task of life in the U.S. of A. Manufactured and tested in Canada means that The Farley Group’s domes lead the pack in quality, durability, and performance!

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