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When to Choose Air Structures?


When Is an Air Structure the Right Choice? 5 Ways Domes Rise to the Top


One of the most common questions that we hear at Farley is, “What does an air dome do better than brick and mortar buildings?” This blog will summarize five of the best reasons for using a dome.


Brick and mortar construction has been around for hundreds of years, and for good reason. Bricks have stood the test of time and it’s hard to replace something that already works. If your hammer still sinks in nails, why would you change it? Sometimes though, you might be handed a screw and that hammer just won’t cut it.


Just like having different tools for different jobs, air domes are specialized constructs that are simply better for some applications. Here are a few areas where air structures excel.




Cost is usually the deciding factor when it comes to building and air domes are inherently much less expensive. Domes are significantly cheaper because they require much fewer materials per square foot of usable space inside the structure.


Building is expensive and building large sport facilities requires a considerable investment. If the cost to build is too high, a bubble could be the way to go!




Another hurdle to traditional construction is the time to build. Domes are built off site at a manufacturing facility and, assuming the foundation is ready, can be installed within a matter of days.


If tournament season is approaching and you need a facility ready quickly, inflate a dome and you’re good to go!


Large, Open Spaces


One of the main benefits to air supported structures is that there is no need for structural support. While this comes with the benefit of fewer materials and less construction, you also get a wide-open space. No supporting columns creates the perfect environment for sports, large events, or storage.


If you’ve never set foot in an air dome, you will awed by the amount of space that can be created.




Unlike a typical building, after a dome is built and set up it isn’t stuck there forever. Moving a building is practically impossible but air structures can be deflated and moved easily.


This makes domes perfect for temporary structures, structures on rented land, or any other of countless reasons why a permanent structure isn’t ideal. Take it down, throw it in the back of a truck, and your dome is ready to be set up somewhere new.




Since most sports are seasonal, indoor sports structures are only used seasonally. Sports such as soccer or baseball are enjoyed outside but only in the fairer months and when winter rolls around, those outdoor spaces are lost.


Sports domes have the benefit of being seasonally put up and taken down over an outdoor playing space. This works well with playing surfaces such as tennis courts, or facilities like swimming pools. If you have to close something up for the winter, consider throwing a dome overtop of it!


Sports Dome


Air structures will never completely replace traditional brick and mortar construction, but they do have advantages that make them ideal for a myriad of applications. Sports and multi-sports domes, seasonal enclosures, and temporary facilities are all prime examples of areas where air-supported structures are blowing up!


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