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Practice All Year in an Indoor Golf Dome

A Course and Clubhouse under One Roof: Practice Year-Round in an Indoor Golfing Dome


Some members of the public scoff at the idea of indoor golf domes. How can the Game of Kings, known for having the biggest playing area of any sport, possibly work inside? It is true that the PGA will not be including dome play for any of their championship events this season, but indoor golf is a very real and valuable supplement to the traditional mode of play.

Many indoor golf domes accommodate both amateur and serious golfers who want to continue to learn, take lessons, practice, and enhance their skills. Inclement weather, enemy of all golfers, is also no longer a factor. Forget just rain: even the most bitterly cold winter won’t put a stop to your golfing plans!

Golf Dome

Embrace the Turf

Indoor golf domes also benefit from the use of artificial turf. Real grass turf is certainly possible as well, but the artificial equivalent is becoming widely accepted. It doesn’t need water or the painstaking care that most putting greens around the world demand.

In addition to that lack of maintenance, today's artificial turf isn’t the fun-zone mini golf material. It is now made of polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, or all three together. The results are surprisingly realistic and designed to simulate the grass experience as closely as possible. It is also a blessing for less polished golfers who tend to leave a trail of divots in their wake.

Mastering Skills in the Off season

There are not many indoor golf domes that offer a full course experience, due to space requirements and high construction costs. Most indoor golf domes instead focus on more practical aspects of the game, such as putting greens and driving ranges.

These allow players to master their short game and perfect that all-important swing. You might not have as much room as outdoors, but certainly enough to determine the ball’s flight and the quality of your drive.

Many places also include hanging targets where you can practice precision aiming. These can be in the form of bull’s eye targets or mid-range greens with pins. Many a good-spirited bet between fellow golfers has arisen from this fun way to improve your ball placement.

Four Seasons Golf Center

Columbus, Ohio is home to the Four Seasons Golf & Fitness Center. It offers a range of services, from an 18-hole mini golf course to lighted outdoor tees on their driving range. However, one of the main attractions is a state-of-the-art indoor golf dome.



Golf Bubble


This enclosure allows participants to golf year-round and make use of any club in their bag while doing it. There are forty tees on two levels, and a massive indoor putting green and sand bunker. Four Seasons is just one of many indoor golf domes that help players of all skill levels hone their craft in the off season.

It might not be quite the same as playing outdoors, but the indoor experience makes a great substitute during the winter. Don’t worry about the hassle and expense of traveling to warmer climates—just find the nearest indoor golfing dome. Just think of how all that extra time on the links will reduce your handicap come spring!

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