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“Sharing is caring...”


That’s something you’ve probably heard a million times growing up, right? But that old phrase really sticks because sharing truly is caring, and that’s why we at The Farley Group consider blog-keeping such an exciting, vital thing to do. Blogs allow us to share not only our thoughts, but to share the vivid richness of our experiences, our lives, and what makes us *click*, both as individuals and as a society. Really, it’s just one way we can make the world a more comfortable and interconnected place.


We don’t see social media as just a simple marketing tool - we see it as an opportunity for you to really understand what we’re all about on a more personal level. We find blogging important because it gives a human face to what we do as a company, so that you can get to know us better as people. After all, we’re all human, aren’t we?


It goes without saying that a crucial part of any strong customer base is a sense of trust, so, we feel that sharing our experiences and processes opens a window for you to better understand why we do what we do, and how we do it so well. Loyalty, honesty, and transparency are something we hold dear, and we hope you will find this in our blog posts.


Taking pride in our work has always been a means to an end for us, and while this certainly shows in the final products we provide, we believe it shows in our social media presence as well. With our air-supported structures installed across the continent - from New York City to Vancouver and everywhere in between - and their uses in a variety of activities such as soccer, volleyball, golf, and even swimming, we want to show you what we’ve been working on.


Future technologies, new projects, how our structures work – you can look forward to all of these things in our newly launched blog. From the initial manufacturing process of our materials at our factory in Puslinch, Ontario, the installation and maintenance across the continent, and to the accessories we sell to get the most out of your air-supported structure, our team is knowledgeable and professional about our unique products, which we have been building, installing, and maintaining since 1970.


Our newly rebooted website will host blog posts regularly for you to see, in action, what we do best. Though our testimonials are always glowing recommendations, we believe we are more than just that - our ongoing sponsorship of various sports groups and community organizations certainly reflect this, and we hope that our ongoing blogging will as well.


As always, we value and encourage your feedback. Your feedback pushes us to work harder, serve you better, and, at the end of the day, allows us to keep getting the job done right.

So, stay tuned for many bright things on the horizon for The Farley Group!

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