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The Farley Group and The Davis Cup

The Farley Group and The Davis Cup


The Farley Group loves tennis—as you can tell from our blog—so it might come as no surprise that we’re a big supporter of the premier team men’s tennis tournament of the year: the Davis Cup


The Davis Cup, for anyone that isn’t familiar, is a yearly tournament that takes place around the world to figure out which men’s tennis team is the best. The women’s equivalent is the Fed Cup. Each country puts together a team from which they will choose four players for each country versus country showdown.


The prestigious Davis Cup has a long history. As the premier international team event in men’s tennis, it gives each competing country the opportunity to prove the strength of its players. The Cup began with only two teams, Great Britain and the United States. In 1900, the two countries challenged each other to decide which had stronger players.


Now, 116 years later, the Davis Cup has 130 nations taking part.


The structure of the tournament is a little complicated, but all of the teams taking part in the Davis Cup are split into Groups. The top group, called the World Group, includes the 16 teams that are competing for the title that year. The rest of the groups are divided by their regional zones and the outcome of those groups decide the next year’s World Group.


When two countries meet, the matches typically take place over three days. On the first day, two matches are played as singles. The second day has a match of doubles for each country’s doubles team. The third and last day has the singles players retake the court, only facing the other singles player that they hadn’t played on day one.


As a Canadian company, it’s no surprise that The Farley Group Supports the Canadian tennis team! Each year, we’re among many sponsors that helps to fund the tournament and Canadian tennis as a whole. We attend the Canadian matchup every year.


This year, France knocked Canada out of the World Group in the first round. Canada’s chances were lessened as a result of losing their best player, Milos Raonic, to an injury and Daniel Nestor choosing not to play for personal reasons. In order to make it into next year’s World Group, Canada would need to beat Chile in the relegation playoffs.


Only recently over the weekend of September 16th-18th, the two teams met up in Halifax. We know the area well, as we have a few tennis domes out there. The Cougar Dome, The East Hants Sportsplex, and the Daniel Nestor Tennis Centre to name a few.


Even without Raonic and Nestor, the Canadian team managed to sweep Chile, winning with a score of 5-0. This means Canada secures a spot in the World Group for 2017 where their first match up will be against Great Britain. Great Britain are the top ranked team, so Canada will have its work cut out. Fortunately, Canada will have the home turf advantage.


Time to train, team Canada. Luckily, they’ll have access to Farley tennis bubbles, like the Daniel Nestor Tennis Centre, to get them through the winter!

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