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What to Expect from Winter 2016-2017

What to Expect from Winter 2016-2017


Curious about what the forecasters say is in store for us this winter? Well here’s the Farley Group’s rundown of what could be ahead of us for the next few months. Here’s a hint: you might be pleased to have a warm and dry air supported dome to play soccer in!


We all know that weather forecasters get things wrong, especially when they try to predict out any further than a couple of days. So take this extremely long-range forecast with a grain of salt.


The thing with the weather is that it’s different from wherever your viewpoint is. In New York, it could be snow storming, while it could be warm and sunny in Michigan. That’s part of what it makes it difficult to make generalizations on the weather for all of North America. Generally, though, here’s what the experts are saying for winter 2016/2017.


For Canada, the Weather Network is a trusted source, and this year they’re forecasting a return to “Canadian” winter.  Last winter was one of the mildest on record, so it might be a safe bet that this year’s will be colder and snowier. Winter of 2015/2016 had a strong El Niño effect—this year will be influenced by La Niña, but to a much lesser extent. This means cold temperatures and heavy snow.


While La Niña is expected to be weak and short-lived this year, its weather effects will still likely be felt south of the border. 


La Niña tends to create colder and more precipitous conditions in the northern part of the US (just as in Canada). As you go south, conditions become warmer and drier.


That’s what the scientists say, anyways. But what about the old trusty Farmers’ Almanac? In publication since 1818, the long-range forecasts from the Farmers’ Almanac may not have always been accurate, but it’s hard to not respect a source that’s been around for 200 years.


This year’s Almanac forecasts a long cold winter, but “the frigidly cold temperatures really won’t take hold until much later in the season.”


According to the Farmer’s Almanac map, the Western side of the country will be warm but wet, whereas the Eastern half of the US will have bitter cold as well as heavy precipitation. Precipitation being a lot of snow as you head further North.


So it looks like this winter will be harsher than what we’ve had in recent memory. Great news for skiers, bad news for commuters and groundskeepers.


Be sure to have snow shovels ready, and furnaces in tip top shape. Farley domes, like any other facility, should be maintained and inspected regularly, especially under heavy snowfalls. Keeping your dome running in top condition this winter will keep the indoor sports teams happy! 

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