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Stay Fit All Year Under a Sport Dome

Stay Fit All Year at an Indoor Sports Center


Eating healthy and staying fit is important to many people, but it can be incredibly hard to do! Staying fit is easy to achieve in the summer when there are so many outdoor sports to try. Soccer, volleyball, swimming, tennis or even simply running outside!


However, what happens in the winter? Some people adapt well with winter sports, but for those who only love summer sports…Are they left with nothing?


Sports Dome


Of course not! It is still possible to stay fit all year, even if you only choose to participate in typical summer sports. All you need is to find an indoor sports center!


Look For An Intramural League


Most indoor sports centers have various intramural leagues. Since they are not outdoors, you can continue playing volleyball or another summer sport without worrying about the snow or other instances of harsh winter weather. These indoor sports centers also allow you to continue playing even if there is a thunderstorm or other unfortunate weather outside.


There are many sports you can likely find in an intramural league. They include:


    *  Volleyball

    *  Basketball

    *  Ball Hockey

    *  Soccer

    *  Dodgeball

    *  Flag Football


Swim in the Winter


In addition to the various intramural sports people can participate in all year, thanks to the magic of domes and seasonal sports bubbles, people also have the opportunity to swim in outdoor pools during the winter! Did you think that was impossible? Think again.


What if you want to swim outside in the summer and inside in the winter?


It is possible to put a dome over the pool in the winter to avoid the snow and the cold weather. Keep swimming! Once the weather heats up and summer is on its way, we can take the dome down. Now you have an outdoor swimming pool!


Dive in and enjoy staying fit, swimming every month of the year.


Join a Group Fitness Class


There is one more popular option available to help you stay fit all year in an indoor sports center. Many facilities will offer a variety of fitness classes all year. Some of the popular options include:


    *  Zumba

    *  Pilates

    *  Toning and Strength

    *  Yoga

    *  Spin Class

    *  Bootcamps


This list is only the tip of the iceberg! Different facilities will have a different list of fitness classes you can take—a quick Google search should uncover them all. In addition to this, many facilities will cycle their classes from season to season, while also maintaining a list of favorites. This will inject some variety into your fitness routine. Once again, an indoor sports center has come to your rescue!


If you’re the type of person that wants to stay active, but hates going to the gym and would rather join a team, don’t forget to look into indoor versions of the sport that you love. Farley domes are inflating all over the country to bring year-round indoor sport spaces!

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