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The Importance of Servicing Your Dome

It’s Not Only Air Holding Up a Dome! The Importance of Service

A philosophy held closely by the Farley Group is that any customer or client that we deal with becomes a customer for life. Unlike businesses with millions of customers, the nature of building large air domes for sport facilities means we deal with a lot fewer customers. Not everyone can have a bubble in their backyard!

Because of this, it’s important that we treat each customer right. Doing the right thing matters, and not only because of the principle. It makes sense from a business standpoint.


Tough economic times have hit us all, but consumer studies have shown that customers are loyal to businesses that treat them well. In a 2010 Customer Experience Report, a survey of over 2,000 people found that 82% of them have chosen to take their business elsewhere because of poor experience. Just think about your own shopping habits. Would you give your money to a retailer that treated you poorly, or drive up the road to the next shop and spend your money there?

This might be comparing apples to oranges since the average consumer wouldn’t typically buy a dome, but human nature is difficult to change. Whether it’s a single person making a small purchase, or a group of people or large company making a large investment, customer service makes a difference.

Great customer service won’t always increase immediate sales, but it will keep that customer coming back and bringing their friends. This is how great companies succeed and stick around.

With over 40 years of keeping customers happy in their domes, this logic seems to hold up.

Keeping customers happy is done with a two-pronged approach:
        1- Making promises you can keep
        2- Being there when it doesn’t go right

Any company can make promises. A shoe manufacturer can promise that their sneakers will never wear out but unless you never wear those sneakers, it’s not going to happen. Being up front and honest with our clients is how we’ve built relationships that stood the test of time.

Air structures, like any other structure, will fail. Whether it’s due to neglect, vandalism, or fluke mechanical failure, there is always a slim chance a dome will need emergency service. This is one area where The Farley Group prides itself.

We can be reached at any time—day or night for any emergency. Imagine the panic that would set in if your inflation system went down and a soccer tournament was booked the next day. Of course, there’s a backup system but it could be an incredibly stressful experience!

We have emergency repair crews across the country, to keep dome down-times at a minimum. We’ll even service or repair any dome, whether we put it up or not. We’ve averted disaster many times, and nothing makes a customer happier than saving them from their worst nightmare.

What sets the Farley Group apart is our commitment to our customers. We do create a great product and are very proud of every dome we inflate, but being there for all customers and standing behind everything that we do is what we’re all about. These values have helped us get to where we are today and we can proudly say that we have never lost a service client.

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