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The Importance of Youth Sport

The Importance of Youth Sport

We all know it’s important for kids to be active, but did you ever stop to think why? At The Farley Group a lot of what we do directly relates to the ability of children to remain active so we thought we’d examine how important sport is for young children.


Here are some reasons why you should consider introducing your child to a sporting activity as part of their natural growth and development.


Working with Others


While there are solo sports, such as tennis or swimming, most activities require children to work with others in a coordinated effort. Kids tend to be selfish in their early years and gradually learn they need to respect others and treat them as equals.


Teamwork is a key aspect of many sports, and that ability to synchronize with others for the benefit of the team is a valuable asset that transfers into group work at school and on the job.


Experience with Tense Situations


Many of us have to deal with situations that produce feelings of emotion, such as anxiety. While these moments are not pleasurable, they are often a regular part of life and the more experience you have dealing with them, the easier they become.


Sports can help get children used to times when they find themselves under pressure. That exposure makes them better able to deal with these situations through practice. Performing under pressure is something expected of many people these days, and early, safe exposure through sports helps to build resilience.


Exercise and Health


Child obesity has increased to a frightening degree in recent years. The World Health Organization reported in 2013 that 42 million infants and young children were either overweight or obese. While diet definitely plays a role in this, our increasingly sedentary lifestyles are also a major factor.


Children who learn to love sports from an early age are far less likely to suffer from obesity. Also, if this exercise is pleasurable and rewarding, it is something they will continue doing as they grow older, helping to ensure that they remain healthy.


Working With Mentors


Young people require guidance, but do not always look to adults. One way for them to understand what elders can offer is through mentorship. This can come via an association with a coach, a parent, or someone else connected with the sport. The child not only learns more about the game, but also develops respect for the person they are working with.


Mentorship is an increasingly common part of the business world, and this sort of early experience can help youth become acquainted with its importance.


Avoiding Negative Influences


One reason children become involved in drugs and other negative influences is because they lack a positive activity that gains their continued attention. An interest in sports helps to teach the importance of staying in shape, which reduces the likelihood that a child will indulge in drugs, alcohol, and junk food. Practicing and participating in games and tournaments also helps to keep them busy and less likely to get into trouble.


Physical activity also promotes production of endorphins, the body’s “feel good” hormone. An invigorating practice or game leaves a child feeling great, and this benefit also helps to fight depression in children experiencing low feelings.


Whatever sport your son or daughter takes a fancy to, it is now possible for them to play it year-round. Air-supported domes allow them to enjoy a wide variety of activities all-year-round in climate-controlled comfort. Contact the Farley Group for more information about sports domes and how they can make a positive contribution to the health and comradery of your community’s youth.

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