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Best Sports to Have in a MultiSport Dome

The Best Sports to Have in Your MultiSport Dome


Have you been wondering what the best uses are for your air dome? If so, here are a few of the best and most popular sports and activities to hold inside of your bubble.


Indoor Soccer


The most obvious of the sports to play in a bubble, soccer has exploded in popularity in North America over the past generation. In the US, youth soccer registration jumped dramatically in the 90’s and has held steady ever since.


US Youth Soccer Registration graph from 1974 to 2014


It’s no wonder that the majority of domes we’ve built over the last decade have been soccer bubbles. Soccer domes are by and far our most common projects and many of our largest domes primary purpose is for soccer. The beauty of a soccer dome, though, is that the wide-open space of a soccer pitch is perfect for many other field sports like lacrosse, field hockey, or Frisbee sports.


Indoor Golf


While golf is still an immensely popular sport, domes with the sole purpose of providing indoor golfing space are becoming fewer. The reason for this is that it makes sense to have a multisport dome in which golf is just one of many uses for the space.


Golf is a sport that takes a lot of room. In terms of square footage required per player, there is pretty much no other sport that needs as much space. That’s why the sport is played outside! It does work inside, though, if you have the right kind of indoor space.


Bubbles are the perfect solution for golf. With loads of wide open space, and vast amounts of room above the ground, domes provide the perfect space for golfers to practice their swing and work on their drive despite what the weather is doing outside.


Golf in a multisport dome makes perfect sense when you think about the nature of the sport. Most golfers enjoy playing in the morning, so open up your multisport dome for golf first thing in the morning and switch over mid-day to other sports or events. A time of day where your dome would otherwise be quiet could be full of golfers making great use of your indoor space!


Party Games


Not every sport played inside your dome needs to be taken seriously. Sport parties and events for kids, adults, and work forces are booming in popularity. Some games like disc golf, or bubble soccer are a blast for anyone and they make great team building games for corporate events.


There are plenty of other games and activities that can be incorporated into a multi-sport dome. The turf space is perfect for anything that a group of people might enjoy in a park or other outdoor open space.


Whatever’s Most Popular


Any successful dome needs to pay attention to local interests and gauge what sports would do well and when. Indoor soccer tends to be a sport that’s played everywhere and throughout the year, but perhaps there is a community of tennis players that are looking for an indoor space. Or maybe there is a walking or running club that need indoor space when the weather is cold. It’s up to you as a successful indoor facility operator to decide what will work best for your multisport air dome!

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