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Summer Camp in a Dome? Awesome!

The Ultimate Summer Experience: Summer Camp in a Dome


Summer time is well underway and for many kids this means one thing—summer camp. Historically, camp meant kids would go away to a far off spot and spend a few weeks in the wilderness learning skills like starting fires, paddling canoes, painting pinecones… But in 2016, camp can be something totally different—like a day camp in an air dome.


Day camps are a great way to keep kids engaged and stimulated during an otherwise boring time of the year. Modern camps allow kids the freedom to pursue something that they’re passionate about, whether it’s a sport like soccer or tennis, or an educational experience, like arts, or sciences.


Many multi-sport domes provide the perfect facility for just such experiences.


The Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex runs multiple camps throughout the summer for kids aged 6 though 16. The camps give kids the opportunity to hone their golf skills, or just burn off some energy in a multi-sport camp.


Summer camp is also a big deal at the Markham Sports Dome where children aged 4 to 14 can play all the sports they love like soccer, baseball, and basketball. They can even play games they would seldom be able to experience anywhere else like bubble soccer! A top feature that the Sports Dome uses to promote the camp is that there’s no chance of any day’s events being rained out—the dome provides all the protection they need.


Even tennis kids can go to dome camp. Thornhill Park Tennis Club installed a year-round tennis bubble that covers 4 courts. The tennis club runs summer camps as well as March break camps. Perfect for those little ones with a passion for the racquet!


As any of us who’ve attended a camp, can attest to, summer camp is a big deal. It gives many kids their only opportunity at trying something new and igniting a lifelong passion. This piece from The Washington Post is a good summary of just how important summer camp is. It provides kids with a safe place to learn to be independent and prepare them for the emotional challenge of spending more time away from home as they grow up.


As sending kids to camps becomes more and more commonplace, the demand for high quality and fun (but safe) camps are going to continue to grow.


Is your dome hosting a summer camp this year? If not, consider all the benefits to hosting a camp at your facility. Your indoor fields stay busy, you help out the families and parents in the community, and you’ll foster experiences that kids will likely hold dear for the rest of their lives. It’s a win-win-win situation!


Not to mention, holding a camp inside of an air dome means kids won’t have to worry about rain delays, sunburns, mosquito bites, or any of the other drawbacks of an outdoor camp. Indoor camps are definitely the way to go. 

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