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Pool Bubbles: Swimming in “Free-dome”

Pool Bubbles: Swimming in “Free-dome”

As summer winds down, most swimmers lament having to leave behind their favourite outdoor swimming pools as they close for the season. The feeling of swimming outdoors in the open air is hardly matched by the cramped and sterile environment of an indoor pool. While it doesn’t bother some, many swimmers yearn for the size and freedom that outdoor pools provide. That is, until we reach this time of year where, especially in Canada and the northern States, outdoor pools are closed up and hidden away for another eight months.

This doesn’t have to be the case though. Domes, or bubbles, can move outdoor sports, such as soccer or football, inside and provide the vast amounts of space needed while protecting the athletes from harsh seasonality. This same tactic can also be used for swimming pools! Check out these projects that Farley has worked on:

Kingsbury Club and Spa

Dive into a world where you can swim whenever you desire without having to worry about the temperature of the weather outside. Kingsbury Club and Spa in Kingston, Massachusetts provides a climate controlled facility for year round enjoyment.

The Kingsbury Club Aquatics Center has a massive 330,000 gallon, 25 yards by 25 meter heated swimming pool that would be a shame to lose in the off seasons. The dome comes down from early July until early September so that members can swim in the outdoor sunshine.

Pool Dome   Pool Dome

Mercer Island Beach Club

Mercer Island Beach Club in Mercer Island, Washington has offered its members premier level facilities for generations. Their two pools provide both fun and training. To keep the fun going all year, the Activity Pool is covered up with a bubble from October to May.

Year-round swimming helps to beat the winter blues. This pool even features “The Lazy River” for those lazy days when you need to forget about the snow and cold of the winter!

Pool Dome   Pool Dome

Michigan Athletic Club

Don’t sacrifice an energizing work out swim just because it is cold outside. Tone and strengthen your muscles at the Michigan Athletic Club located in East Lansing, Michigan. This impressive facility houses outdoor pools that are seasonally enclosed in a Farley dome in order to provide year-round aquatic programs.

During the summertime, this facility provides picnic tables, a food service area, sand volleyball courts, and an enticing sand play area for children adjacent to where the pools are located. Still not sold? A giant 200-foot long water slide can be found at the Michigan Athletic Club where you plunge into their outdoor leisure pool – yes, all under the same dome!

Pool Dome   Pool Dome

Closing up pools and facilities when the weather gets cold is a drag. One way to keep the fun—and revenue—flowing is to avoid letting the seasons decide when you can operate. Covering up sport facilities like pools is exactly what bubbles are for!

Know of a pool or facility that reluctantly closes down every year? A seasonal Farley air structure could be just what they need! Creative solutions for keeping sport and fun alive are what we’re all about.

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