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Limitless Dome Potential:

Limitless Dome Potential: Four Unique Uses for a Sports Dome



What comes to mind when you think of the potential uses of a sports dome? Most of us would automatically gravitate towards common North American sports such as soccer, baseball, football. What if we told you that these sports only scratch the surface of the potential activities that could be enjoyed inside of these spacious structures?


We dared ourselves to think outside the box, and we challenge you to do the same! We want to know: what other fun activities could take place in these high ceilinged domes? Don’t be afraid to get creative! Think about the activities that you love most and how they would benefit from the space and protection of a sports dome.


We at Farley got our heads together to come up with some unique uses for a sports dome. Here are some of our best suggestions.

Walking Trails

Walking trails lining the outer edges of a dome could be a great option for those who are looking for an indoor workout without the need to sacrifice space. People can experience indoor walking or running options that don’t have to include a stationary treadmill machine.


Indoor walking trails would be beneficial for seniors who want to get some exercise without having to endure harsh weather conditions. It would also be great for families who want to take an easy stroll without worrying about their little ones getting burnt, cold, or sick from the outside weather.




That’s right! Sports domes can be used for a variety of extreme sports, including the ever-popular game of paintball. As we know, paintball can be played both indoors and outdoors. Each of the two options have their upsides and downsides.


Running around and shooting those paint pellets inside of a dome can certainly have it’s benefits. Inside a structure, there’s no need to worry about weather conditions ruining your endurance, or throwing off your shot.


Inside of a dome, you will have a large amount of space to run, hide, and shoot without any of the negative aspects of outdoor play. Just set up some interesting obstacles, and an air structure can become a dream paintball playground!




Unfortunately, archers don’t have much free space to safely practice their sport. Renting a dome could be the perfect solution for this. Imagine, setting up those targets and having a huge amount of room to hit and miss to your heart’s content.


Inside of a dome, there’s no worry about any weather conditions throwing off your shot, along with tons of room for safe practice. Just be sure to use a safety net to catch those stray arrows, otherwise we’ll have some repairing to do!


Social Events


Did you know that sports domes can also be used for activities that have nothing to do with sports? If you have a huge crowd you need to entertain, or an important event to host, a sports dome could be the perfect venue.

You could easily hold fundraisers, birthdays, and even weddings under a bubble. There’s a ton of space, and you’ll never need to worry about a rained-out event.


You can see just how versatile sports domes can be. Although they are perfect for soccer and baseball, don’t limit your imagination to the most common of sports. There are limitless activities that can be enjoyed inside of an air dome!


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