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America's 3 Fastest Growing Dome Sports

The Fastest Growing Dome Sports in America


Looking for something new to do in your dome? Air structures create fantastic clear span space which can accommodate pretty much any sport. But some sports are more popular than others, and sports tend to fluctuate in popularity.


For example, when Tiger Woods burst onto the PGA scene in the mid ‘90s, he revitalized a waning interest in the sport of golf. Because he was so young and disrupted the sport so much, a new generation of golfers was born. Now golf is a sport that’s being dominated by young players—nine of the top 20 players in the world are in their 20s.


So, since sport interest is always shifting, a multi-sport facility needs to keep on top of the latest sport trends in order to stay relevant and profitable.


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Here are a few sports that are currently experiencing a surge in popularity and could work inside of a dome:




Lacrosse has experienced a surge in popularity across America over the past decade, driven by the popularity of the sport in youths. In the past two years, participant growth in the US has grown by 12.3 per cent.


The growth is also partially because of how simple it is for anyone to pick up. Consider women’s lacrosse and it’s explosion in growth around the world. There’s even a Women’s Lacrosse World Cup now!


Domes are perfect for the game since all that you need are the nets and an open field—the players bring their own equipment like pads, helmets, and sticks.




Rugby is already a huge sport in countries like Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and across the UK—it’s no wonder that the US is jumping on board. The sport itself is easy to play once you’re clear on the rules, and its worldwide popularity is beginning to influence the number of schools and leagues that play it.


It may look brutal and dangerous, but sportsmanship and respect are common within the sport. There’s even a saying, “Soccer is a gentleman’s sport played by hooligans, and Rugby is a hooligan’s sport played by gentleman.” Whether or not this saying is accurate, there’s no denying that rugby is earning a toe hold with American athletes. In America, the sport has grown by 10.7 percent over the past 2 years.




There’s a certain allure to the sport of archery and it’s place in popular media has helped to grow interest in the sport by 8.3 percent in the past couple of years. You’ve likely seen archery featured prominently in film series like The Hunger Games or The Avengers, as well as on the small screen with television shows like Arrow. It’s no wonder that so many young athletes are picking up bows!


When you think about it, multi-sport domes are perfect for sports like archery. Wide-open space with bright lighting and few onlookers, air supported structures are the ideal place to practice. Just be sure to have a safety net behind the targets—you don’t want stray arrows hurting your dome!


Lacrosse, rugby, and archery—three up-and-coming sports that would work perfectly inside of a dome. If your multi-sport bubble isn’t already set up for these sports, you might want to consider whether there is growing popularity in your area. Keeping on top of the latest popular sport trends is key to having a successful indoor multi-sport facility.

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