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Keep the Game Going Under a Farley Group Bubble

Are you curious about the price of a dome? The cost of a dome is a tough thing to nail down, simply because nearly every dome is a custom job.  For example, a tennis bubble would have a lower cost than a soccer or multi-sports bubble because of its smaller size and different needs.
But to help you out with an idea of how much a bubble costs, you can download our whitepaper. In it, we summarize what a dome package includes, as well as some of the incidental costs that you might come across when building a bubble. We’ve broken it down to make it easy to research and estimate the costs.



Our air - supported structures provide an ideal year - round indoor space to play sports


Farley domes provide a safe and high - quality space for athletes to play sports regardless of the weather. Our seasonal and permanent domes are backed by our industry leading warranty, service, and support network.


Domes are affordable, backed by astounding service right from the planning stages, and are ready for any challenge. Just like your players.



Make playing sports year-round possible with an air dome from The Farley Group.


Learn More About The Cost of an Air-Supported Structure

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