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One of the many advantages of using an air structure for your facility is quick installation. In a matter of days, your dome structure will be up and ready to use. Explained below is the process of how we install a Farley Group air structure. 


Preparing the Bubble


We manufacture the fabric membrane at our production facility in Puslinch, Ontario. The membrane is then rolled up in sections, and loaded on a flatbed truck for shipping. At the site, the fabric sections are unloaded with a forklift.

Once on site, the forklift places the rolls of fabric strategically over the surface where the air structure is to be erected. From there, a team of installers work to unroll the bundles of fabric.


Each dome consists of several sections of fabric, and each one is rolled out at predetermined intervals across the field.


Spreading the Dome Sections


Once the fabric sections have been rolled out across the field, it is time for the installation team to spread those rolled out sections so they can be linked together.


With sections weighing between 4000 and 7000 lbs. each, it is necessary to have a large team of installers on site to assist with the roll out and spreading of the fabric.



Joining and Inflating the Bubble


Once they're spread out, the sections are joined at their seams by our durable custom aluminum plate fasteners.


The final step is to attach the furnace to the dome, and inflate the structure.



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