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Air Supported Structures from North America’s Dome Support Specialists

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Sport's Dome?


With a long history and over 900 installed domes, The Farley Group has a 100% service record—we’ve never lost a service customer to the competition. 


The Farley Group uses only the best materials and technologies to create premier quality domes with the longest warranty in the business. Domes are manufactured offsite, and installed and inflated within days.  




How much does it cost to build a sports dome?


We construct our high quality domes with your needs in mind. 


From the planning stages to ongoing service, become a lifelong customer and feel secure with a Farley Group dome. 


Because each dome is a custom job, the cost of a dome varies based on the size, purpose, and requirements of each air structure. Square footage and dimensions of the dome are a good place to start when looking for a quote.
To help you figure out the cost of an air supported structure, we’ve written a whitepaper on the subject. The report summarizes what’s included in an air supported structure package, the other costs involved in the process, and gives a rough estimate of the cost per square foot of a dome. This is the first step to building a dome with The Farley Group and we’re ready to answer any questions and offer more pricing details by contacting us directly.


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