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Q1. How long will my dome last?

Answer: You may be surprised to learn that Farley domes easily last from 20 to 25 years. The outer material of our air structure membranes carry a prorated warranty of 20 years, the longest in the industry. 


Q2. Can I take my dome down for the summer months and re-install it for the winter?

Answer: Yes, you can! Not surprisingly, the larger the air structure, the more time intensive (and costly) this process can be, but the Farley team are well experienced with setup and take down of domes. For example, one to four-court tennis domes usually take no more than a day or two for seasonal put-ups and takedowns. Larger domes can take four to six days.


Q3. How much pressure does it take to inflate a dome?

Answer: Keeping a dome inflated requires just a slight difference in air pressure within the dome. For comparison, a car's tire generally maintains an air pressure of about 35psi – an air structure's pressure is equivalent to about 0.35psi.


Q4. I've heard that air-supported structures can come down. Should I be concerned?

Answer: Fortunately, dome failures are very rare thanks to redundant systems; however, when there is a failure, it's normally from a preventable cause. The most common cause of a dome dropping is the result of a mechanical equipment failure.


Just like your car's engine, we recommend preventive maintenance of your dome's mechanical equipment on a regular basis in order to avoid such problems. It is also important maintain the backup system to ensure your dome won’t go flat if the main unit fails or loses power.


Q5. Should I be worried about vandalism?

Answer: Vandalism is always a concern, but hasn’t, in our experience, been a significant problem. It takes an extremely large tear to cause the structure to come down, and relatively small tears resulting from vandalism repair easily and quickly.


Q6. If there is a power outage, will my dome come down?

Answer: All of our air structure packages are equipped with an emergency standby system that automatically activates during a power outage. Driven by a generator, this system keeps the structure inflated until the restoration of electric power.


Q7.  Is an air-supported structure strong enough to withstand snow and wind loads?

Answer: Each dome is custom-designed and engineered to conform to local building codes and climatic conditions. Additional restraining cables will keep your dome tethered down in windy areas. A licensed engineer inspects and stamps each dome is to ensure that it meets the needs for the location.


Q8.  Is my dome a fire hazard?

Answer: No. In fact, the fabric we use has self-extinguishing characteristics. Although it may melt when exposed to a flame, the fabric contains fire retardant chemicals that make it impossible to sustain combustion.


Q9. What keeps the air structure in place?


Answer: Generally, the dome attaches to a concrete grade beam installed around the perimeter. The grade beam acts as ballast to keep the structure firmly anchored to the ground.



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