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Air Structure Components


Insulating Your Dome

Energy Efficiency




The Farley Group recognizes the importance of energy efficiency within air structures, not only for the financial benefits of using fewer resources, but also to minimize the environmental impact of operating an air-supported structure. To achieve highest efficiency, we are perpetually committed to the pursuit of innovative developments wherever possible, providing you with a dome package that helps to save your facility's operating dollars as well as our beautiful planet and its precious natural resources. 


Farley Insulation System


The average insulation value (R-value) of the air space between the outer structural material and the inner liner material of an air-supported structure is roughly an R2 equivalent. Adding our "bubble pack" insulation material to your dome's membrane brings the average insulation value to an R10 equivalent, generating savings of up to 50% on heat fuel costs. 


Insulating your dome reduces the size of furnace required, significantly offsetting the capital cost of the insulation material. Farley Insulation is efficient and cost-effective; other insulation materials and methods of increasing R-value simply don't measure up to the energy efficiency achieved with the tried-and-true Farley Insulation System. 


Mechanical Equipment and Controls


Since the cost of powering the inflation system represents a significant portion of your air structure's energy expenses, it's important to have the most efficient configuration possible. The Farley Group customizes the right mix of mechanical equipment and user-friendly control systems for every project. Rest comfortably with the knowledge your heating and inflation units are tailor made to make certain your air structure is operating safely and efficiently 24 hours a day. 


Interior Lighting Systems


One of the most important aspects of any indoor sports facility is the quality of the lighting over the playing surface.  Artificial lighting efficiently distributes thanks to the unique shape of an air-supported structure, combined with the liner material’s superior ability to reflect light.  


When compared with other building types, an air-supported structure will require fewer light fixtures per square foot of interior space to achieve the same light levels. The Farley Group works closely with our network of reputable lighting manufacturers to ensure that your dome includes a system designed to provide the most energy efficient lighting while seeking maximum coverage and brightness.  



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