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From The Beginning

Air Structure Components


Insulating Your Dome

Energy Efficiency






Farley carefully selects only the best materials that ensure:

  • long-life,
  • fire resistance,
  • stain and fade resistance,
  • durable strength, and
  • fierce resiliency to tears or damage.


Our longwearing vinyl-coated polyester fabric accomplishes all of this while still being fully customizable in color and translucency. Stressors that can damage the fabric such as sunlight (UV radiation), cold, mildew, or chemical pollutants pose little risk as the flame retardant material is further treated to protect against these damaging nuisances.


Air Structure Components - FabricThe color can be customized to your taste without worry of fading or changes to the color. To maintain appearance and withstand environmental deterioration of the membrane, we use top coatings that suit your needs and budget. Our standard fabrics utilize a PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) topcoat to maintain the aesthetic value and structural integrity of your dome. We also offer an upgraded fabric that incorporates a DuPont Tedlar film, helping to maintain the original color and cleanliness of the material and increasing the life expectancy of the structure. All outer fabrics carry a prorated warranty of 20 years!


The outer membrane of a Farley dome is made of the using the highest quality materials and fabrication techniques that ranges from 28oz to 32oz. Because of this, The Farley Group stands behind a 5-year fabrication guarantee. This is the longest warranty available in the industry.


The inner fabric or liner is made from similar material as the outer membrane, albeit a smaller weight (15oz) because it doesn’t need to endure the rigors of the outer membrane. Thermal and sound insulation are the considerations for this layer and they too come in a wide range of colors. If additional insulation is needed, the Farley Insulation System will keep your bubble thermally efficient.




The Farley "bubble pack" insulation brings the average insulation value up to an R10 equivalent, generating a savings of up to 50% on your dome's heat fuel costs. 


To reach maximum energy efficiency, we install The Farley Insulation System between the outer structural fabric and the inner liner fabric with a simple and effective process. Our team can install or remove the insulation as needed.


This reflective insulation consists of a double layer of polyethylene bubbles, sandwiched between two aluminum surfaces, and meets all building code requirements for fire safety. 



Air Structure Components - Cabling


Larger structures with a wider span (i.e. a soccer dome) require a cable-reinforcement system for added strength.


Wide span structures carry an extra aerodynamic and inflation load. To overcome these stresses, The Farley Group employs a cable reinforcement system. In this system, the cable is continuous from

 anchor to anchor. All cables are flameproof, corrosion resistant and linked to the membrane by sleeves. To exceed strength requirements, cables are comprised of galvanized wire rope, typically coated with white PVC.


Fabric Welding


To create seams with a higher shear resistance value than the fabric itself, Farley binds fabric components together with a state-of-the-art process called Dielectric Welding. Dielectric welding, or radio frequency welding, permanently seals two layers of fabric using electromagnetic energy.


RF welding creates a durable watertight seam with strength exceeding that of the fabric itself. Every single seam in a Farley Group structure is dielectrically welded to ensure complete architectural integrity. Our 300' long table allows the welder to track automatically and efficiently, reducing handling and ensuring consistent high quality of all seams.


Mechanical Equipment


The mechanical equipment is the life force of an air-supported structure, and because these components are so vitally important we offer only the most dependable mechanical equipment, custom designed to suit your dome's specific requirements. 


Air Structure Components - Mechanical EquipmentThe main heat and inflation unit maintains the shape of the dome by constantly monitoring the internal pressure and adjusting the amount of fresh air introduced into the structure. While the air travels through the unit, a heat exchanger can warm the air, keeping your facility at the optimum operating temperature. 


Should the main unit fail to keep up with inflation (a low-pressure situation or power failure); a standby inflation fan is always ready to assist the main unit during low-pressure situations, or to take over completely in the event of a power failure. This unit is self-sustaining with the use of a natural gas, propane, or oil generator. The second inflation unit is powerful enough to provide full inflation pressure in the event of a power failure. It will kick in automatically, so there is no worry of a collapsed dome even if power is lost for extended periods.


For domes that don’t require heating, an energy saving supplementary inflation fan can also be built into your dome's mechanical setup. This fan operates on a lower horsepower motor than that of the main heat and inflation unit to keep costs low. 


Entrances and Exits


Because the air pressure inside a dome is slightly higher than the exterior atmosphere, air is always trying to escape.  We design our entrances and exits components to work within this unique system.


Air Structure Components - Entrances and ExitsTypically, a revolving door is the primary entrance and exit. A double door pedestrian airlock provides barrier free access. To reach the highest durability and easy maintenance standards, all door components are constructed exclusively for The Farley Group.


Some large domes that require access for vehicles and maintenance equipment have larger airlocks with overhead doors. Airlocks of any size provide access for vehicles of variable size. 


Emergency exit doors are included with every dome package and over engineered for long-lasting reliability. These are constructed using galvanized steel frames and high-quality hardware, and balanced to compensate for the internal pressure of the dome. The doors we use are specially designed center-balanced exit doors, which op

en smoothly while under air pressure (a regular door would swing open dangerously fast due to the air pressure acting upon it). Our doors also come with the appropriate emergency exit signs and lighting.


Every entrance and exit component that goes into your air structure package is carefully specified and manufactured to keep your facility operating worry free. 


Air Structure Components - LightingInterior Lighting


A great interior space is nothing without great lighting to be able to see it all. The Farley Group recognizes the importance of quality lighting for the interior of your facility. We provide you with an interior lighting system that's best suited for your dome's application, including a carefully designed layout that will achieve the light levels required for your facility's activities while optimizing the distribution of light from every fixture. 



Grade Beam Anchoring System

A strong structure begins with a solid foundation. When you're ready to start developing your site, The Farley Group will provide you with a grade beam design that's specific to your dome, which will include construction drawings that have been reviewed and stamped by a qualified structural engineer. 


An integral component to the grade beam construction is the aluminum profile that The Farley Group will supply to your concrete contractor who will then cast it into the top of the grade beam, creating a channel to attach the fabric membrane to the concrete.


On larger domes, we supply retention cables that install over top of the fabric membrane and anchor into the concrete grade beam.  These heavy-duty, PVC coated wire rope cables relieve some of the stress on the fabric, increasing the overall stability the dome.  The anchor plates which secure the support cables to the concrete grade beam are supplied by Farley, ready to be installed by your concrete contractor.

Air Structure Components - Walkways and Dividers


Walkways and Dividers


Farley offers a variety of solutions to divide the interior of your dome so you can make the best use of your facility's space.  Dividers and walkways made with netting, fabric, or a combination of both meet the unique requirements for each project.  Specialty mounting hardware and support cables properly secure your walkways and dividers to the fabric membrane.  All materials used are non-combustible and meet all fire code requirements.  




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