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Farley can provide more than just the dome. The Farley Group has many accessories to meet the unique needs of your facility. Some of the many optional accessories are below. For pricing on any of our accessories, please contact us at 1-888-445-3223 or by e-mail, 


Tennis Court Divider Nets


To prevent stray balls from interfering with a match going on a neighbor’s tennis court, install divider nets to run the length of the court. The Farley Group offers and installs a line of tennis divider nets in custom sizes available in different colors to suit your dome’s courts.


Field Divider Nets


Field sports such as soccer, lacrosse, or field hockey can be disrupted by a lost ball. The Farley Group offers a line of custom sized, custom colored divider nets for soccer domes or other field sport domes.


Hanging Light Nets


For larger domes, you might need a bit more light to keep an eye on the action. Hanging lights can supplement the light from the perimeter stand lighting system.


These hanging lights can be a magnet for stray soccer or golf balls, though, so Farley also provides hanging light nets. Collaborating closely with a supplier, we are happy to offer an innovative, netted light guard system to protect hanging lights against damage high-risk sports equipment such as golf and lacrosse balls.




Dome structures create some interesting opportunities, one of which is that the outside walls are giant, blank billboards just waiting for some attention! Branding your facility is easy with a large fabric sign attached to the outside walls. Some owners have even created a lucrative income stream by selling the space on the side of their structures to local advertisers. The Farley Group can custom design and install such signage for your dome facility.


Golf Targets


Just like a shooting range, golfers need targets to practice their accuracy. Much like signs, The Farley Group manufactures and installs targets for your golf facility. These hanging banners located at the end of your dome's golf driving area gives your customers something to aim at other than the ball pickup person.




Although we don't deal directly with other dome components such as synthetic turf and other sports equipment, our sales force are all very familiar with the various suppliers in the industry, and will be happy to introduce you to the right people.


Used Equipment


We quite often have an inventory of used components on hand. Please contact us for pricing regarding used components that may include the following:

  • Membrane Packages
  • Lights and Light Stands
  • Exit Doors
  • Revolving Doors
  • Pedestrian Airlocks
  • Vehicle Airlocks
  • Heat and Inflation Units
  • Standby Inflation Fans
  • Air Conditioning Units



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