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The Farley Group has a dome solution for just about any mix of indoor sports activities you can think of!  Whether you're looking to cover a field for the winter or build a year round indoor sports facility, we can custom build the perfect air-supported structure to fit your needs.  We build and maintain multi-sport dome facilities throughout North America, and would love to team up with you on your dome project. 
Multi-sport Dome

400' x 220' x 66'
permanent / insulated

Highland Park Sports Dome
260' x 200' x 60'
permanent / insulated

 208' x 124' x 38'
seasonal / not insulated

Dundee Sports Dome
400' x 118' x 50'
permanent / insulated

St. Michael's College Sports Dome
228' x 124' x 37'
seasonal / not insulated

Connecticut Sportplex Dome
375' x 200' x 60'
permanent / insulated

JCC Ancaster Dome
253' x 118' x 36'
permanent / insulated

The Farley Group Air-Supported Structures


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