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The Farley Group has a proud tradition in the sales, manufacturing, installation and servicing of air-supported structures. Ralph Farley, our Chairman and Founder, brought the concept to North America from Sweden over 35 years ago. Considering our rigorous and unpredictable climate, Ralph saw a market here for these huge, protective “bubbles”. Since 1970, Ralph Farley and his associates have contributed to the manufacture and sale of well over 700 air supported structures throughout the world.

Headquartered in Guelph, Ontario (an hour’s drive from Toronto), we also have offices on the west coast to serve our Western clients, in Michigan to oversee our US operations, and sales offices in Beijing and Shanghai to serve the Chinese and Asian markets.

The Farley Group is committed to continuing the development of new products and services to help our customers minimize costs and maximize revenues.

The Management Team 

Ralph Farley - Chairman/Partner

Ralph has been involved in all facets of the air structure business since 1968. Through a variety of companies over the years he has manufactured, designed, and sold over 700 air structures. Farley has also been active in providing his management and marketing skills to over 50 clubs.

John Simpell - President, Sales/Partner

John joined The Farley Group in January, 1996, as General Manager. Prior to this he had been a career banker. Since joining The Farley Group he has been exposed to all facets of the air structure business, with emphasis being on sales and finance.

Mike Ragen - Sr. Vice President, US Sales/Partner

Mike joined The Farley Group in 1999 as manager of the U.S. sales operations. In 1988 Mike and his wife, Liz, established Airborne Structures Inc., which produces a variety of coated industrial fabric products, serving the agricultural, industrial, and commercial sectors. Mike’s current emphasis is on the marketing and development of air structures and new products.

Design, Manufacture, Installation and Service

Constantly focused on innovation, The Farley Group’s knowledgeable design department works diligently to develop custom products for each client’s specific needs. Taking advantage of our on-staff experts in every facet of air structure technology, our clients are assured that the final product will be of the highest quality.

All of our structures are fabricated in our Guelph, Ontario manufacturing facility. We obtain our fabric from Canadian, US and off-shore suppliers. Project specific patterning is developed and sent to the factory for dome fabrication.

Once the manufacturing is complete, our experienced installation and service crews are ready to hit the road to install your structure! In addition to the industry’s most experienced fabric technicians, The Farley Group also offers the service of our mechanical technicians to keep your furnace and inflation equipment in top working order.

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